Tom Leonard

Standard Name: Leonard, Tom


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Friends, Associates Liz Lochhead
LL 's friends include many Scottish writers: Alasdair Gray (who studied at the Glasgow School of Art before her, and whose sketch of her made in September 1970 illustrates a recent collection of her poems),...
Friends, Associates Anne Stevenson
AS 's close friends have included many well-known late twentieth-century names in British poetry: Frances Horovitz , whom she mourned in a number of poems, a trio of drinking friends in Glasgow (Tom Leonard
Textual Features Anne Stevenson
Despite the strong emotion expressed in some of these poems, AS later remembered the volume as setting free her gift for irony.
Stevenson, Anne. Between the Iceberg and the Ship. University of Michigan Press.
The final poem, A Legacy, On my Fiftieth Birthday, is written...
Textual Production Liz Lochhead
LL collaborated on two revues with Tom Leonard and Alasdair Gray : Tickly Mince and The Pie of Damocles.
Damocles was menaced by a sword suspended over his head; a custard pie is the...


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