William Ewart Gladstone

Standard Name: Gladstone, William Ewart


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Characters Augusta Gregory
In the pamphlet Gladstone 's phantom returns from the dead to witness the ruinous consequences of Home Rule, for which he had fought. AG later moved toward an acceptance of Home Rule, but at this...
Cultural formation Edith Lyttelton
Little is known about EL 's life before she met her famous husband.
An unpublished memoir held by the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College , Cambridge, may provide more information.
Her immediate family...
Education Harriet Hamilton King
From an early age, she demonstrated an eagerness to learn and to read. When she was eleven years old, Harriet read Italy, A Poem by Samuel Rogers . Between the ages fourteen and seventeen, she...
Family and Intimate relationships Millicent Garrett Fawcett
When they met in May 1865, she was almost eighteen and he thirty-two. He served as Postmaster-General in Gladstone 's government of 1880.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder, 1908.
under Henry Fawcett
Family and Intimate relationships Georgiana Fullerton
Of GF 's three brothers,:Granville George , who inherited the title, was a politician who became Gladstone's Foreign Secretary; William died young following an accident; and Freddy , who also became a politician, edited...
Family and Intimate relationships Edith Lyttelton
The mother of Alfred Lyttelton (youngest of twelve children of the fourth Baron Lyttelton) had died six months after he was born. He was a successful lawyer and became a top athlete in English sport...
Family and Intimate relationships Edith Lyttelton
Alfred Lyttelton delayed entering politics until his uncle the Prime Minister William Gladstone resigned, because he could not agree with him on the subject of Irish Home Rule. Before the general election of 25 June...
Family and Intimate relationships Eleanor Rathbone
ER 's father was the sixth William Rathbone in a Lancashire family which was Quaker , Unitarian , Liberal and philanthropic. For six generations this family had been the epitome of fair trading, plain speaking...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Rigby
ER and her husband, Sir Charles Eastlake , attended Gladstone 's party for the Italian patriot Garibaldi , who was visiting England.
Rigby, Elizabeth. Journals and Correspondence of Lady Eastlake. Smith, Charles EastlakeEditor , AMS Press, 1975.
2: 181
Lochhead, Marion C. Elizabeth Rigby, Lady Eastlake. John Murray, 1961.
Friends, Associates Sara Coleridge
Friends, Associates Louisa May Alcott
LMA was a friend of, among others, Frances Hodgson Burnett , Ralph Waldo Emerson , who helped her family manage their financial difficulties, and Henry David Thoreau , who taught science to her and her...
Friends, Associates Emily Lawless
EL first met William Ewart Gladstone at a hotel in Cannes, where they had a rich two-hour conversation about Irish politics and her recent book With Essex in Ireland.
Sichel, Edith. “Emily Lawless”. Nineteenth Century, pp. 80 - 100.
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Among her nineteenth-century visitors were Samuel Taylor Coleridge (brought by Joseph Cottle the Bristol bookseller),
Cottle, Joseph. Reminiscences of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey. Houlston and Stoneman, 1847.
Algernon Knox (a precursor of late Victorian High Churchmanship), Anna Letitia Barbauld , Elizabeth Fry , and a goodly...
Friends, Associates Gertrude Bell
Her closest friend at Oxford was Mary Talbot , niece of William Gladstone . Other friends included Edith Langridge and Janet Hogarth , sister of archaeologist David Hogarth .
Wallach, Janet. Desert Queen. Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 1996.
Friends, Associates Anna Swanwick
AS 's circle of friends (very largely brought her by her translations) included Henry Crabb Robinson , Tennyson , Robert Browning (who told her he wished she had known his wife), James Martineau (brother of...


18 August 1823
A rebellion of enslaved blacks began in Demerara, partly as a consequence of the hostility of local authorities to the activities which the Church Missionary Society was undertaking among slaves.
9 August 1844
The Regulation of Railways Act (otherwise known as Gladstone 's Act) was passed.
1 May 1851
The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, the first world's fair, was opened by Queen Victoria in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park.
October 1852
Mrs Maria Hayden brought the American practice of spiritualism across the ocean to England, where she advertised as a medium.
April 1862
The Senate of the University of London voted against allowing women into their medical degree programme.
3 December 1868
Following the first general election after the Second Reform Act of the previous year, William Gladstone , a Liberal , formed the government in succession to ConservativeBenjamin Disraeli .
26 July 1869
The Irish Church Act brought forward by Prime Minister Gladstone disestablished the Church of Ireland and substantially reduced its property, although it met with strong opposition from the House of Lords .
An Irish Land Act was passed; although it had little immediate material effect, the act undermined traditional conceptions of land ownership in Ireland.
February 1870
Gladstone agreed to appoint the famous Devonshire Commission in response to the British Association for the Advancement of Science 's campaign for formal enquiry into national provisions for scientific pursuits.
20 February 1874
Conservative leader Benjamin Disraeli formed the government for a second time, in succession to Gladstone 's Liberal government.
April 1876
The British Women's Temperance Association was founded at the national convention of the British Independent Order of the Good Templars in Newcastle.
23 April 1880
LiberalWilliam Gladstone formed the UK's government for the second time, following a Conservative disaster in the general election.
May 1881
A Lords' enquiry was called into allegations of diplomatic complicity in the white slave trade of British women on the continent.
The Society for Psychical Research was founded with the purpose of conducting objective scientific research into supernatural phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and mediumship.
March 1882
The Kilmainham Treaty was struck between Irish Home Rulers, led by Charles Stewart Parnell , and Gladstone 's government; the agreement extended rent protection to Irish leaseholders, while Parnell agreed to cooperate with the Liberal...