Georgiana Fullerton

Standard Name: Fullerton, Georgiana
Birth Name: Georgiana Charlotte Leveson-Gower
Styled: Lady Georgiana Charlotte Leveson-Gower
Married Name: Lady Georgiana Charlotte Fullerton
Publishing all through the 1840s and the 1880s, GF worked in a variety of genres, including poetry, biography, drama, and most notably the novel. While many of her eleven novels adopt tropes from sensation fiction, her work is primarily concerned with questions of religion and faith. She acquired a reputation as one of the foremost Roman Catholic novelists writing in England during the nineteenth century.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Family and Intimate relationships Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
The duchess's namesake grand-daughter, Georgiana Fullerton , thus followed in her footsteps by becoming a successful author.
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Mary Brame
In accordance with the novel's theme of growing up and discovering one's heritage, Romance of a Black Veil begins with Laurie bemoaning her hidden past, and attributing her thirst for the truth to her reading...
Literary responses Julia Stretton
Charlotte Yonge , writing in Women Novelists of Queen Victoria's Reign, published in 1897 by Margaret Oliphant and others, grouped JS with Lady Georgiana Fullerton and Anne Manning as similar in the purity and...
Reception Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess Falkland
ECF's name was at least kept alive by Alexander Dyce 's inclusion of her in Specimens of British Poetesses, 1825. Recent interest in her writings has generated a good deal of research and new...
Residence Bessie Rayner Parkes
Bessie Rayner Belloc (formerly Parkes) settled with her children at Slindon Cottage (actually a substantial house) in Slindon near Arundel, Sussex, once the home and still the property of a fellow writer, Lady Georgiana Fullerton .
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. I, Too, Have Lived in Arcadia. Macmillan.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Muriel Jaeger
She begins this book with a method not unlike that of Experimental Lives from Cato to George Sand. Her first chapter, Pioneers in Conversion, centres its topic on individuals, relating the sudden transformation...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Bessie Rayner Parkes
A second edition appeared a year later, and a paperback edition in 2008.
British Library Catalogue.
This collection contains Parkes's reminiscences of George Eliot , Anna Jameson , Mary Howitt , Georgiana Fullerton , and Catherine Booth ...


Easter Saturday 1605: Luisa de Carvajal, a Roman Catholic nun of...

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Easter Saturday 1605

Luisa de Carvajal , a Roman Catholic nun of noble Spanish family, landed at Dover as a missionary or activist at the behest of English Jesuits . While in London she wrote revealing letters about the city.

1854: Leonie d'Aunet published at Paris Voyage...

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Leonie d'Aunet published at ParisVoyage d'une femme au Spitzberg (Voyage of a Woman to Spitsbergen), recounting her journey to northern Scandinavia.

24 October 1868: With the support of Lady Georgiana Fullerton,...

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24 October 1868

With the support of Lady Georgiana Fullerton , novelist and journalist Frances Margaret Taylor established, in rented rooms off Fleet Street, London, the religious community that would become the Congregation of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God


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