Joanna Baillie

Standard Name: Baillie, Joanna
Birth Name: Joanna Baillie
Nickname: Jack
Self-constructed Name: Mrs Joanna Baillie
JB is best known for her stylistically and thematically innovative drama, published from 1798 and through the first two decades of the nineteenth century. Her poetry is now also beginning to be appreciated and a scholarly edition of her letters is available in print and on line. She also published a poetry anthology. Whether regarded from the viewpoint of Scotland or that of London, she is one of the important writers of her generation.
Engraving of Joanna Baillie, circa 1800, seated against a draped background. Her white headscarf contrasts with the dark            background.
"Joanna Baillie" by H. Robinson, 1800-01-01. Retrieved from This image is licensed under the GETTY IMAGES CONTENT LICENCE AGREEMENT.


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Anthologization Anna Maria Porter
Her Hymn on the Seasons was included by Joanna Baillie in her Collection of Poems, published in early 1823.
Anthologization Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
Joanna Baillie chose two of EOB 's poems for inclusion in her Collection of Poems, published in early 1823.
Baillie, Joanna, editor. A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1823.
Lucy Aikin 's memoir of Benger (as published in one of its subject's works after...
Anthologization Catherine Fanshawe
Joanna Baillie included four poems by Catherine Fanshawe , anonymously, in A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors, Edited for the Benefit of a Friend.
Baillie, Joanna. The Collected Letters of Joanna Baillie. Slagle, Judith BaileyEditor , Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1999.
1: 420
Anthologization Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
Joanna Baillie included a poem by BBBD (Away, proud boy) in A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors, 1823.
Baillie, Joanna, editor. A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1823.
death Henrietta Maria Bowdler
Joanna Baillie told Margaret Hodson (formerly Holford) that HMB , who was devotedly nursed by a friend, was kept ignorant by her doctors of what disease she had (oddly, since she knew she had not...
death Lucy Aikin
Her grave is next to that of her friend Joanna Baillie .
Le Breton, Philip Hemery, and Lucy Aikin. “Memoir”. Memoirs, Miscellanies and Letters, Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, and Green, 1864.
Dedications Felicia Hemans
FH 's poetic collection Records of Woman was published by Blackwood with a dedication to Joanna Baillie .
Hughes, Harriet Browne Owen, and Felicia Hemans. “Memoir of Mrs. Hemans”. The Works of Mrs. Hemans, W. Blackwood, 1839, pp. 1 - 315.
British Library Catalogue.
Dedications Mary Brunton
MB published at Edinburgh and London her first, anonymous novel, Self-Control; she dated her dedication of it to Joanna Baillie this month.
Garside, Peter, James Raven, and Rainer Schöwerling, editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press, 2000.
2: 341
Dedications Margaret Holford
She dated her dedication to Joanna Baillie on 18 May from Hendon Place. Baillie had thanked her for the honour on the 15th. The novel was reviewed in August. French and German translations quickly...
Dedications Mary Ann Kelty
According to a reminiscence from the early half of 1868 by a reader who had been a Cambridge undergraduate when the book appeared, MAK first thought of titling her novel after its heroine, but was...
Education Elizabeth Gaskell
The school moved to Avonbank House in Stratford upon Avon, a Tudor mansion that had once belonged to a cousin of Shakespeare's, in May 1824. Here Elizabeth learned English, history, geography and music. Women...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Robinson
MR 's daughter grew up to be a writer, and to publish two books under her own name as well as revising and editing work by MR . Hers are the gothic, epistolary Minerva novel...
Family and Intimate relationships Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
Arabella's monument in Kimpton church says she died after a long illness borne with Christian cheeerfulness.
Hale, Peter. Noble and Splendid. Scandal, Honour and Duty: The Families of Kimpton Hoo.
Joanna Baillie , seeing BBBD in June (presumably that year), reported that she could not talk about her...
Friends, Associates Maria Callcott
Her friends at this period of her life included the diarist and letter-writer Caroline Fox (with whom her relationship was very close),
This is the Hon. Caroline Fox (1767-1845), not to be confused with the...
Friends, Associates Catherine Fanshawe
CF 's friends included other highly literate middle-class women such as Mary Berry and Anne Grant in Edinburgh. (Her friendship with Grant was maintained entirely by correspondence—she and her sisters hoped to visit Edinburgh in...


Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock published Der Messias, a religiouspoem in three cantos.
9 September 1803
The first number appeared of the Annual Review, a Dissenting periodical run by Lucy Aikin 's brother Arthur Aikin , which had been planned in 1802.
Early 1818
William Hazlitt opened On the Living Poets, the last of his Lectures on the English Poets, with a statement on gender issues.
By 19 December 1831
Cholera was sufficiently widespread in London for Joanna Baillie to comment on the general panic and uneasiness.
13 February 1832
Cholera was registered as epidemic in London (a couple of months after Joanna Baillie recorded anxiety about it). This was the first of four major outbreaks in nineteenth-century Britain.
Caroline Herschel and Mary Somerville were awarded honorary memberships by the Royal Astronomical Society .
20 November 1837
Joanna Baillie wrote a heartfelt complaint (which she feared might sound envious & spiteful) about the effects of the recent fashion for expensive albums, or annuals or gift books.
17 February 1847
The Whittington Club (named after the poor boy who became Lord Mayor of London) held its first meeting. Unlike traditional gentlemen's clubs, it welcomed women and lower-middle-class men.
Emily Taylor (1795-18), who is remembered for books connected with her school-teaching career, published Memories of some Contemporary Poets, with Selections from their Writings, with a good representation of women among her subjects (from...
April 1879
James Murray —editor since 1 March of what was to become the Oxford English Dictionary—issued an Appeal for readers to supply illustrative quotations.
Juggernaut was set up as a small New York theatre company; in 2001 it decided to publicise the work of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century women playwrights.