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Anthologization Doris Lessing
DL published short fiction and essays throughout her career: in such places as Partisan Review, Ms magazine, Welcome Aboard (British Airways ' inflight magazine), Discovery (Cathay Pacific 's magazine, published in Hong...
Cultural formation Dinah Mulock Craik
DMC identified strongly as a working woman across established class boundaries. She wrote towards the end of her life to Oscar Wilde , suggesting that he should alter the name of the monthly magazine he...
Dedications E. M. Delafield
EMD completed her last novel, Late and Soon. It was published by Macmillan in April 1943 with a dedication to her friend Kate O'Brien , who looked after her during her last months.
Delafield, E. M. Late and Soon. Macmillan.
prelims, 278
Powell, Violet. The Life of a Provincial Lady. Heinemann.
Family and Intimate relationships Dinah Mulock Craik
George Lillie Craik became (following his marriage to Dinah Mulock and possibly as a result of his connection with her) a partner in the Macmillan publishing firm .
Mitchell, Sally. Dinah Mulock Craik. Twayne.
The marriage apparently proved happy. The...
Friends, Associates Ethel Wilson
Through parties hosted by her eventual publisher, the Macmillan Company , EW also met Morley Callaghan , who admired her writing. Other writers she knew included John Gray , A. J. M. Smith , Robert Weaver
Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
The two women were friends through the 1930s and their relationship became increasingly intimate after the death of Winifred Holtby on 29 September 1935. Brittain stayed with Jameson and Chapman the night after Holtby died...
Intertextuality and Influence Zoë Fairbairns
Having just had a manuscript rejected by Macmillan , she felt sure that Down (which she calls deeply influenced by Salinger 's Catcher in the Rye) was accepted because it was about young man, not a woman.
Fairbairns, Zoë et al., editors. More Tales I Tell My Mother. Journeyman.
Literary responses Flora Annie Steel
Oddly, this work, set partly in London and partly in the Western Highlands of Scotland of her youth, received praise from Macmillan 's reader before its publication for its knowledge of London (where FAS had...
Literary responses Jemima Tautphoeus
JT 's fiction received mixed reviews during her life. A Mrs Marie Barrett-Lennard of Sevenoaks went to some trouble to locate copies of her books in the late 1920s, when one might have supposed her...
Material Conditions of Writing Muriel Spark
MS began her career as a novelist in illness and under financial stress. In 1954, Macmillan , who were looking for promising new writers, invited her to write a novel. Although ill and unable to...
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Augusta Ward
Shortly before giving birth to her first child, MAW ambitiously proposed to write for Macmillan a primer of English poetry. However, when she took some draft material to Macmillan general editor John Richard Green ...
Material Conditions of Writing Zoë Fairbairns
ZF 's second novel, Down: An Explanation, written as an undergraduate and again published through Macmillan , was another brief, first-person coming-of-age story (male viewpoint this time).
Miller, Jane Eldridge. “Other New Novels”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 3532, p. 1274.
British Council Film and Literature Department, in association with Book Trust. Contemporary Writers in the UK.
Occupation May Laffan
ML began on 7 January 1881 a lengthy correspondence with the famous British firm of Macmillan , which became her English publisher.
Kahn, Helena Kelleher. Late Nineteenth-Century Ireland’s Political and Religious Controversies in the Fiction of May Laffan Hartley. ELT.
Publishing Barbara Pym
She wrote the first draft, she said later, over breakfast in bed in her flat in 1973-4, a period of serious health problems—first breast cancer and then a stroke—and of her decision to retire from...
Publishing Mary Anne Barker
About twenty years after their spell of publishing MAB 's books for children to great acclaim, Macmillan , in the person of the son of her old friend Alexander Macmillan , rejected her 7,000-word manuscript...


3 June 1829: Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership...

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3 June 1829

Publisher Henry Colburn went into partnership with Richard Bentley (1794 - ­1871) (who, in order to do this, had just dissolved the partnership between himself and his brother Samuel Bentley as printers).

1 September 1832: The two-year-old firm of Colburn and Bentley...

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1 September 1832

The two-year-old firm of Colburn and Bentley was dissolved when Bentley bought Colburn out, amid considerable ill-feeling apparently caused by Colburn's shady financial practices.

February 1843: Daniel and Alexander Macmillan founded their...

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February 1843

Daniel and Alexander Macmillan founded their own publishing house in London.

December 1865: Alexander Strahan launched The Argosy, a...

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December 1865

Alexander Strahan launched The Argosy, a monthly literary and travel magazine, with Isa Craig as its first editor, and Charles Reade 's Griffith Gaunt as its lead serial.

1880: Thomas Humphry Ward published with Macmillan...

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Thomas Humphry Ward published with Macmillan a highly successful four-volume anthology, The English Poets.

1 July 1891: The International Copyright Act, known as...

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1 July 1891

The International Copyright Act, known as the Chace Act, came into force in the United States to protect the copyrights of foreign authors and end the longstanding practice of producing pirated editions of popular British...

1898: The publishing firm of Richard Bentley and...

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The publishing firm of Richard Bentley and Son , dating from 1 September 1832, was sold for eight thousand pounds to Macmillan .

1939: The Reprint Society was founded by the publishers...

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The Reprint Society was founded by the publishers William Collins , Macmillan , Heinemann , and Hodder and Stoughton .

1961: The year afterDilys Laing's death, Macmillan...

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The year afterDilys Laing 's death, Macmillan posthumously published her Poems From a Cage: New, Selected, and Translated Poems in its Macmillan Poets series.

August 1975: Jane Duncan published through Macmillan her...

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August 1975

Jane Duncan published through Macmillan her memoirs, entitled Letter from Reachfar.

1976: USA feminist Shere Hite published The Hite...

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USA feminist Shere Hite published The Hite Report; academics queried her methodology and the conservative right loathed her findings, but many women welcomed them.

September 1998: Literary historian Nicola Beauman founded...

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September 1998

Literary historian Nicola Beauman founded Persephone Books , aimed at reprinting in beautiful format forgotten classics by twentieth-century (mostly women) writers.
Persephone Books.


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