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Literary responses Edith Mary Moore
Even before publication, Hodder and Stoughton called this novel almost perfect of its kind and said that they were proud to issue it.
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(22 March 1917): 135
Later they advertised it as not only a...
Material Conditions of Writing Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
She wondered whether it would be appropriate to go on publishing frivolous, pleasure-giving books in wartime, but was assured by her publishers, Hodder and Stoughton , that it was, and that they would need the...
Publishing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
SACD (with the help of scholar Leslie Curnow ) published The History of Spiritualism in two volumes, dedicated to Sir Oliver Lodge . For this book he switched from Hodder and Stoughton to Cassell ...
Publishing Rosemary Sutcliff
RS chose the England of King Arthur for an adult novel entitled Sword at Sunset, which her new publishers, Hodder and Stoughton , advertised as her greatest novel.
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Publishing Gwen Moffat
GM changed her publisher from Hodder and Stoughton to Gollancz for Survival Count, subtitled a personal journey towards conservation.
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Publishing Rosemary Sutcliff
RS also published five adult historical novels, two of them during this decade: Lady in Waiting, 1956, and The Rider of the White Horse, 1959. For these she chose a different publisher, Hodder and Stoughton
Publishing Edith Mary Moore
EMM made yet another change of publisher when she issued her extraordinary novel Teddy R. N. D. through Hodder and Stoughton , priced at five shillings.
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(12 April 1917): 175
Publishing Georgette Heyer
It was in this year that GH signed contracts with Heinemann for three historical romances and with Hodder and Stoughton for four detective stories.
Haas, Lidija. “Wholly Allergic”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 16, pp. 29-30.
This particular novel appeared in the United States as Merely Murder.
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Publishing Edith Mary Moore
For the first time in her career, EMM used the same publisher again after several years: her novel The Blind Marksman (apparently her last) was issued by Hodder and Stoughton at seven shillings and sixpence...
Publishing Annie S. Swan
Sir William Robertson Nicoll , friend of ASS and power behind the The British Weekly: A Journal of Social and Christian Progress (which was published at London by Hodder and Stoughton ), proposed to her...
Publishing Ruby M. Ayres
Four years after her first novel, RMA issued the first of her nearly 140 titles published in a highly successful working relationship with Hodder and Stoughton , Richard Chatterton, V.C..
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Publishing Norah Lofts
This was published in London by Hodder and Stoughton in 1958, but the US edition was the first to appear.
Publishing Ruby M. Ayres
In a year in which RMA published no fewer than twelve novel titles in London through Hodder and Stoughton , she also published in New York, through W. J. Watt , The Uphill Road.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Publishing Ruby M. Ayres
The Uphill Road does not seem to have appeared in England. One might suppose that Ayres chose this manner of publication because of her almost incredible productivity in this year. She continued to issue occasional...
Publishing Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
The local post office refused to take it for delivery on its way to England, but (the USA being still a non-belligerent), she was able to send it to Washington through the good offices of...


June 1868: The publishing firm of Hodder and Stoughton...

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June 1868

The publishing firm of Hodder and Stoughton was founded at 17 Paternoster Row, London, by Matthew Henry Hodder and Thomas Wilberforce Stoughton .

1939: The Reprint Society was founded by the publishers...

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The Reprint Society was founded by the publishers William Collins , Macmillan , Heinemann , and Hodder and Stoughton .

1944: Hodder and Stoughton, along with Alan Bott...

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Hodder and Stoughton , along with Alan Bott of the Book Society , founded Pan Books Limited , with Aubrey Forshaw as the managing director.

1965: Hodder and Stoughton published The Grand-Daughter...

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Hodder and Stoughton published The Grand-Daughter by Helen Foley .

1973: Helen Foley's novel entitled The Pitcher...

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Helen Foley 's novel entitled The Pitcher Plant was released by Hodder and Stoughton .


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