Robert Weaver

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Dedications Alice Munro
AM published another short-story collection, The Moons of Jupiter (twelve stories), dedicated to Robert Weaver .
Thacker, Robert. Alice Munro. McClelland and Stewart.
561, 409
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Friends, Associates Alice Munro
For years Robert Weaver , CBC producer, was AM 's only friend in the literary world. In the late 1970s she bonded with Margaret Laurence (with whom, a few years earlier, she had differed when...
Friends, Associates Ethel Wilson
Through parties hosted by her eventual publisher, the Macmillan Company , EW also met Morley Callaghan , who admired her writing. Other writers she knew included John Gray , A. J. M. Smith , Robert Weaver
Literary responses Ethel Wilson
The book's reception was very positive. Without a single main plot to analyze, reviewers once again primarily discussed EW 's distinctive style, and her precision with language was often noted. In the Vancouver Sun...
Performance of text Alice Munro
Alice Laidlaw (later AM ), barely out of her teens, first reached a wide audience when her story The Strangers was broadcast by the CBC through the producer Robert Weaver .
Thacker, Robert. Alice Munro. McClelland and Stewart.
politics Alice Munro
She could not, she wrote, overemphasize the importance to her as a student and later as a housewife and mother, to have some of those stories accepted and broadcast on CBC radio , as well...
Reception Ethel Wilson
On 23 January 1953 a dramatization of Lilly's Story was broadcast on CBC through Robert Weaver , the producer of the program Canadian Short Stories. The broadcast generated controversy. Newspapers in Montreal reported that...
Textual Features Ethel Wilson
The story also illuminates EW 's method of writing. She explained to Robert Weaver that she based it on actual events that happened in Stanley Park, Vancouver, to a friend of hers twelve years...
Textual Production Margaret Atwood
Five years later, in 1987, MA selected, with Robert Weaver , the contents of The New Oxford Book of Canadian Short Stories in English. She has edited other collections, such as Barbed Lyres: Canadian...


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Weaver, Robert, and Mavis Gallant. “Introduction”. The End of the World and Other Stories, McClelland and Stewart, 1974, pp. 7-13.