Morley Callaghan

Standard Name: Callaghan, Morley


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Friends, Associates Ethel Wilson
Through parties hosted by her eventual publisher, the Macmillan Company , EW also met Morley Callaghan , who admired her writing. Other writers she knew included John Gray , A. J. M. Smith , Robert Weaver
Literary responses Ethel Wilson
On 23 January 1953 a dramatization of Lilly's Story was broadcast on CBC through Robert Weaver , the producer of the program Canadian Short Stories. The broadcast generated controversy. Newspapers in Montreal reported that...
Textual Production Ethel Wilson
EW expressed to John Gray some self-doubt as to whether she was truly qualified to speak to a university audience: How pretentious of me [to speak], who have [sic] nothing but a very treasured conferred...


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