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Dedications Felicia Hemans
FH 's poetic collection Records of Woman was published by Blackwood with a dedication to Joanna Baillie .
Hughes, Harriet Browne Owen, and Felicia Hemans. “Memoir of Mrs. Hemans”. The Works of Mrs. Hemans, W. Blackwood, pp. 1-315.
British Library Catalogue.
Family and Intimate relationships Susan Ferrier
SF 's sister Jane was considered the beauty of the family. Robert Burns , after meeting her in the winter of 1786-87, addressed a poem to her (To Miss Ferrier). She later became...
Friends, Associates Susan Ferrier
Though at least partly resident in Edinburgh, SF did not mingle with the literary set known as the Edinburgh Bluestockings.
Cullinan, Mary. Susan Ferrier. Twayne.
Apart from her large circle of siblings and in-laws, her closest friends were Charlotte Clavering
Leisure and Society Margaret Oliphant
MO hosted a party on the island of Runnymede (not far from her home at Windsor) to celebrate twenty-five years of her affiliation with Blackwood's .
Williams, Merryn. Margaret Oliphant: A Critical Biography. St Martin’s Press.
Material Conditions of Writing Sarah Grand
Blackwood published the novel A Domestic Experiment by SG (not yet using that name), which she had written while living in Warrington some ten years earlier. It appeared as by the author of Ideala, A...
Occupation Annie Louisa Walker
ALW became Oliphant 's housekeeper, confidante, and amanuensis. In February 1877 Oliphant passed on to her the continuation of the arduous translation from French of Montalembert 's Les Moines d'Occident, suggesting to Blackwood's a...
Publishing George Eliot
George Henry Lewes persuaded Blackwood to undertake this unusual mode of publication, because Middlemarch was too long to fit the three-volume format which was by now the staple of the circulating library. They hoped to...
Publishing Beatrice Harraden
Blackwood rejected this novel: William Blackwood thought it too sad to suit the public taste.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
BH then made the mistake of selling the copyright to the publisher who had accepted her, Lawrence and Bullen ...
Publishing Annie Louisa Walker
She did not press for payment, and when the publisher, William Blackwood , offered her remuneration she replied that she knew about my cousin's debt to you , and it was because of this that...
Publishing George Eliot
Having become deeply interested herself in Jewish culture and history, GE aimed in this book to widen the English vision a little.
Eliot, George. The George Eliot Letters. Editor Haight, Gordon S., Yale University Press.
6: 304
The parts sold 7,500 copies, and GE 's letter of thanks...
Publishing Margaret Oliphant
Book publication followed in 1856. Blackwood paid her £800, which she acknowledged to be very liberal.
Jay, Elisabeth. Mrs Oliphant: "A Fiction to Herself": A Literary Life. Clarendon Press.
Publishing Margaret Oliphant
MO missed one instalment, that which would have appeared in April 1864, following the death of her only surviving daughter, Maggie. Next month the serial resumed. For this work Blackwood offered her the remarkable sum...
Publishing Caroline Bowles
Bowles had begun this book as long ago as 1819. She received £60 from Blackwood's for the finished work (though this sum including money for a few outstanding payments). An American edition followed in 1845....
Publishing Caroline Bowles
Bell had published An Experiment in Education, about his experiments in Madras, in 1797. His work on a system by which elder pupils helped teach the younger ones was parallelled by that of Joseph Lancaster
Publishing Felicia Hemans
FH published National Lyrics, and Songs for Music with the Dublin firm of Curry ; in August followed Scenes and Hymns of Life with Blackwood's in Edinburgh.
Hughes, Harriet Browne Owen, and Felicia Hemans. “Memoir of Mrs. Hemans”. The Works of Mrs. Hemans, W. Blackwood, pp. 1-315.
British Library Catalogue.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.


1811: Publisher John Murray in London began working...

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Publisher John Murray in London began working with William Blackwood in Edinburgh.


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