George Murray Smith

Standard Name: Smith, George Murray


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Family and Intimate relationships Adelaide Procter
AP was reportedly engaged for a time in the later 1850s, but the identity of her suitor is not known. Publisher George Smith records having admired her. He said that Charlotte Brontë , when they...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Gaskell
She meanwhile sustained her usual energetic and gossipy flow of correspondence with a wide range of literary and personal connections. She got caught up in the speculation surrounding the split between Effie and John Ruskin
Friends, Associates Anne Thackeray Ritchie
Her father's closest friends were from the literary elite: the ProctersAnne Procter and the CarlylesJane Welsh Carlyle . ATR was friends with Dickens 's daughters, particularly Kate Dickens .
Gérin, Winifred. Anne Thackeray Ritchie: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
30-1, 45
George Smith was from the 1840s a...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Brontë
CB 's epistolary relationship with George Smith , in which she often refers to herself by her masculine pseudonym, was playful and teasing. Biographer Juliet Barker suggests that over the London visits and the Scottish...
Publishing George Eliot
She contributed a few short non-fiction pieces to the Pall Mall Gazette after George Smith started it up in 1865 with Lewes as advisor, and also that year wrote a long review of William Lecky
Publishing Henrietta Camilla Jenkin
Her friend Elizabeth Gaskell wrote to George Smith of Smith, Elder on 10 February 1859 to urge him to publish this novel, which, however, she declared she had not read. He sent her a copy...
Publishing Julia Kavanagh
She said she felt compelled to write this and some of her later works to fill a gap left by male historians and critics on the topic of women's influence: Though the historians of the...
Publishing Charlotte Brontë
CB sent off the completed manuscript of Jane Eyre on 24 August 1847. George Smith devoured the novel immediately and offered her £100 for it.
Gordon, Lyndall. Charlotte Brontë: A Passionate Life. Chatto and Windus.
Publishing Elizabeth Robins
The Hogarth Press printed, for private circulation only, ER 's Portrait of a Lady, or The English Spirit Old and New, a memoir of Elizabeth Yates Thompson , the shy philanthropist daughter of publisher...
Publishing Charlotte Brontë
She earned £500 for the novel, which she asked her publisher George Smith to invest for her. She learned at this point that the crash in rail stocks had rendered her railway shares quite worthless.
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press.
Publishing Charlotte Brontë
CB declined publisher George Smith 's suggestion that she write her next novel in serial form.
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press.
Publishing George Eliot
This departure from her usual publisher, Blackwood , was precipitated by a princely offer from George Smith of the Cornhill of £10,000 (the largest offer ever, although they eventually settled on £7,000 for copyright over...
Publishing George Eliot
From very early in her writing of this novel (begun on New Year's Day 1862), she lived with an agonizing fear of failure. The fact of writing about characters whose native language was Italian made...
Publishing George Eliot
She had written it by 27 September 1860 and used it, like The Lifted Veil, as a receptacle for negative feelings after writing The Mill on the Floss. She let George Smith of...
Reception Elizabeth Gaskell
EG herself was abroad, and the crisis was handled by her husband , her friend and lawyer William Shaen , and George Smith . A formal letter of apology was sent to the solicitors of...


1811-53: The French Biographie Universelle appeared...

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The French Biographie Universelle appeared in 53 volumes, covering an international range of subjects: on this George Smith first modelled, in 1882, his plan for an English Dictionary of National Biography.

January 1860: The Cornhill Magazine, an influential literary...

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January 1860

The Cornhill Magazine, an influential literary monthly, first appeared in London with Thackeray as editor and contributor; the first issue sold 110,000 copies.

7 February 1865: The first issue appeared of George Smith's...

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7 February 1865

The first issue appeared of George Smith 's innovative evening newspaper, The Pall Mall Gazette.


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