Annie Louisa Walker

Standard Name: Walker, Annie Louisa
Birth Name: Annie Louisa Walker
Indexed Name: Annie L. Walker
Married Name: Annie Louisa Coghill
Married Name: Mrs Harry Coghill
Pseudonym: The Author of Leaves from the Backwoods
Indexed Name: Anna Louisa Walker
Writing in the late nineteenth century at first in Canada and later in England, ALW produced six novels, two books of poetry, a volume of plays for children and several short stories. She was one of Margaret Oliphant 's literary executors and edited her Autobiography.


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Friends, Associates Margaret Oliphant
MO met Annie Louisa Walker (a distant cousin of about thirty, already a published poet) for the first time in the mid 1860s. When Jane Hockey left the Oliphant household to marry in 1866, Walker...
Publishing Margaret Oliphant
She wrote scraps about herself from her thirties onwards, intending them at first as a record for her family. Later she became willing to use them to make money for the benefit of her nieces...
Textual Production Q. D. Leavis
QDL wrote the introduction to a new edition of Margaret Oliphant 's Autobiography and Letters, edited by Oliphant's cousin Annie Walker (Mrs Harry Coghill) and published by Leicester University Press .
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Textual Production Margaret Oliphant
The Autobiography and Letters of Mrs. M. O. W. Oliphant was posthumously published, edited by her cousin Annie Walker (Mrs. Harry Coghill).
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