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Dedications Anna Steele
AS published her first novel, Gardenhurst, in three volumes with Chapman and Hall , dedicated to her younger sister, Katherine O'Shea (who had been married in January this year).
Times. Times Publishing Company.
(28 October 1867): 9
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under Katharine O'Shea
Family and Intimate relationships Evelyn Waugh
His father, Arthur Waugh , was a successful publisher and editor, managing director of Chapman and Hall .
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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Angela Dickens
Elizabeth's father, Mary Angela's other grandfather, Frederick Mullet Evans, co-founded the printing firm Bradbury and Evans , whose innovative use of a steam-driven rotary press brought it clients including the Illustrated London News and...
Friends, Associates Jane Welsh Carlyle
Markus also speculates that Jane is the inspiration for the unhappily married character of Alice Bryant in Jewsbury's novel The Half Sisters.
Markus, Julia. Across An Untried Sea: Discovering Lives Hidden in the Shadow of Convention and Time. Alfred A. Knopf.
Jane helped edit the novel for Geraldine, but was later dismayed...
Leisure and Society Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
Alec Waugh (son of Arthur Waugh of Chapman and Hall ) recollected Sappho Dawson Scott as a gifted salon hostess in the early twentieth-century London literary scene. Of her Sunday afternoons at home at 125...
Occupation George Meredith
GM worked as a journalist for the Ipswich Journal, the Pall Mall Gazette, and the Morning Post (where he was editor from 1867 to 1868). He served as literary critic for the Westminister...
Publishing Edith Mary Moore
She dedicated this book to her son Edward Lovell Moore , then on active service. Chapman and Hall advertised the novel repeatedly in the Times Literary Supplement
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(13 January 1916): 17; (3 February 1916): 53; (2 March 1916): 100; (6 April 1916): 163
Publishing Anna Steele
The first American edition came out the same year from James R. Osgood . Chapman and Hall , the original publisher, produced a new edition in 1879.
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Publishing Beryl Bainbridge
Hodder and Stoughton turned it down, then Chapman and Hall , then Chatto and Windus , all with words of encouragement which BB felt too insecure to take in. These were later joined by Weidenfeld and Nicolson
Publishing Ouida
Ouida published (with Chapman and Hall ) Two Little Wooden Shoes: A Sketch; it appeared the same year in the United States and Germany.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
2415 (1874): 191
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Publishing Annie Tinsley
She sold the copyright of The Cruelest Wrong of All, which was published allusively as by the author of Margaret, to Smith, Elder ; they sold it on to Chapman and Hall ...
Publishing Isa Blagden
Isa Blagden 's second novel in volume form, The Cost of a Secret, was published in London by Chapman & Hall .
Blagden, Isa. The Cost of a Secret. Chapman and Hall.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.
1859 (13 June 1863): 776
Publishing Elizabeth Gaskell
She was assisted in her research by Julia Wedgwood . By 6 February 1857 she had completed the manuscript, which had cost her £100 for research and travel. Unlike the manuscripts of her novels, it...
Publishing Annie Tinsley
The copyright of this work had a history rather like that of The Cruelest Wrong of All. She sold this, too, to Smith, Elder , though for a limited period of seven years. She...
Publishing Sarah Grand
It took her three years to find a publisher willing to take on its controversial subject-matter.
Grand, Sarah. Sex, Social Purity and Sarah Grand: Volume 1. Editor Heilmann, Ann, Routledge.
Blackwood refused it. George Meredith , as a reader for Chapman and Hall , rejected it, advising SG


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