Joanna Cannan

Standard Name: Cannan, Joanna
Birth Name: Joan Maxwell Cannan
Self-constructed Name: Joanna Cannan
Used Form: Joanna Maxwell Cannan
Used Form: J. M. C.
JC published nearly twenty novels (as well as detective novels), and is generally reckoned to be the inventor of the pony story for girls, which turned out to have a bright future, much of it in the hands of her daughters.


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Dedications Georgette Heyer
Early in her career as a writer of romances, GH also published novels set contemporary times and dealing with contemporary issues.She dedicated Instead of the Thorn to her friend and fellow-writer Joanna Cannan , but...
Education Carola Oman
At seven CO was sent to Miss Batty's and Miss Lee's School in Oxford (later called Wychwood School ); there she met the Cannan sisters, May and Joanna , who both later became writers.
Oman, Carola. An Oxford Childhood. Hodder and Stoughton.
Family and Intimate relationships Sir J. M. Barrie
This marriage was unhappy. (Barrie's unsuitability for the married state had been forecast in a notebook he kept as a student: Far finer and nobler things in the world than loving a girl & getting...
Family and Intimate relationships May Cannan
MC 's younger sister, Joanna Maxwell Cannan , became, like her, a writer. She was a serious novelist whose first book, Misty Valley, appeared in December 1922.
Cannan, May, and Bevil Quiller-Couch. “Editorial Materials”. The Tears of War, edited by Charlotte Fyfe, Cavalier Books, p. Various pages.
She also moved into (virtually invented)...
Fictionalization Georgette Heyer
Joanna Cannan (a friend of GH ) based a character on her in No Walls of Jasper (1930) who is described in Heyeresque style. She is not beautiful, not pretty; her nose was too large...
Friends, Associates Georgette Heyer
In her late teens GH developed friendships with Joanna Cannan and Carola Oman . All three wanted to be writers and later fulfilled their ambition. Their first novels were all published within four years of...
Textual Production May Cannan
MC and her sisters, Dorothea and Joanna (who were still schoolgirls), jointly got together a collection of their favourite poems and had it published, with their initials, in London as The Tripled Crown.
British Library Catalogue.
Cannan, May, and Bevil Quiller-Couch. The Tears of War. Editor Fyfe, Charlotte, Cavalier Books.
Textual Production Jan Morris
More than a decade later, in 1978, JM followed her own portrait of Oxford by editing The Oxford Book of Oxford, a quirky anthology of often very short anecdotes and other excerpts, aimed less...
Textual Production Emma Tennant
ET published The Last of the Country House Murders, which makes a bizarre joke of offering the traditional detective-story murder as a tourist attraction (an idea mooted by a character in Joanna Cannan 's...


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