John Wycliffe

Standard Name: Wycliffe, John


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Cultural formation Winifred Peck
WP 's Evangelical Anglican parents never frightened their children with talk of hell-fire, though from their nurse and the books read aloud by their governess she and her siblings imbibed a fear of damnation and...
politics Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Lady Tyrwhit's fervent Protestantism was, at this date, a highly politicized position. She and her group of court ladies were hounded by highly-placed religious traditionalists, enemies of Katherine Parr , since the queen was well...
Publishing Caroline Frances Cornwallis
CFC 's article Wycliffe and His Times was published under the initials C.F.C. in The Westminster Review.
Cornwallis, Caroline Frances. “Wycliffe and His Times”. The Westminster Review, Vol.
, pp. 145-73.
61 (July 1854)
Cornwallis, Caroline Frances. Selections from the Letters of Caroline Frances Cornwallis. Editor Power, M. C., Trübner and Co.
Textual Features Frances Arabella Rowden
An advertisement (dated at Iver in Buckinghamshire on 3 September 1820)
Rowden, Frances Arabella. A Biographical Sketch of the Most Distinguished Writers of Ancient and Modern Times.
1829, iv
explains that the book is written for the young scholar and hopes to demonstrate the connexion between ancient and modern literature (the...
Textual Production Winifred Holtby
After WH completed The Crowded Street, she began work on a historical romance based on the life of John Wycliffe and titled The Runners.
Shaw, Marion. The Clear Stream: A Life of Winifred Holtby. Virago.
By February 1927, nine publishers had rejected this...
Textual Production Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Someone appended this date to the only known writing in Elizabeth Tyrwhit 's own hand: a note apparently written to accompany the gift or legacy of a handsome, illuminated manuscript of Wycliffe 's Bible translation...
Textual Production Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Wycliffe had made his translation in the fourteenth century. This transcription of it, handwritten on vellum, has had Tyrwhit's note carefully stitched onto one of its blank preliminary pages. The unknown contemporary or near-contemporary who...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Caroline Frances Cornwallis
The article is a short biography of John Wycliffe . CFC refers to him as a talented theologian and our first great reformer, who contributed (through his translation of the Bible into English, finished in...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Ann Kelty
She covers the Reformation from John Wycliffe (born in 1324), to the reign of Queen Elizabeth .


1384: John Wycliffe completed the first English...

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John Wycliffe completed the first English translation of the Bible, and circulated it widely in manuscript.

1401: The statute De Heretico Comburendo began...

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The statute De Heretico Comburendo began a period of persecution of Lollards in England that was to last until 1413.

1848: Chiswick Press printed, for the first time,...

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Chiswick Press printed, for the first time, John Wycliffe 's earlier version of his English New Testament, completed in 1384.

1850: John Wycliffe's complete Bible was printed...

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John Wycliffe 's complete Bible was printed for the first time by Oxford University Press .


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