Sir Humphrey Milford

Standard Name: Milford, Sir Humphrey


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Ridler
Humphrey Milford , of Oxford University Press , was AR 's uncle; he and Anne's mother were very close.
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
Occupation Anne Ridler
Anne Bradby (later AR ) put in several years of voluntary work at the Time and Talents Settlement at Bermondsey, doing little plays and dances and hymns with children from poor homes. She was...
Publishing Constance Holme
Late in life CH wrote, it is not easy for a woman to be the simple and natural devotée of an art as a man can. I have had to be house wife, agent's...
Publishing Carola Oman
The Menin Road was the road leading east out of Ypres; it was notorious as a scene of desolation and ruin. She addressed her dedicatees, in memory of days we served together in England...
Publishing Flora Thompson
She submitted her work in fifteen chapters to Oxford University Press (no doubt for reasons of local loyalty), describing it as a fiction. Since the press did not deal with fiction they called it autobiography....
Reception Constance Holme
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography notes the respectful reviews granted CH 's work during her lifetime in such influential journals as the Athenæum, the Times Literary Supplement, and The Spectator. She...
Textual Production Anne Ridler
AR published her first volume of Poems with Oxford University Press (thanks, she said, to her uncle Humphrey Milford and to Charles Williams ).
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
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