Jennifer Dawson

Standard Name: Dawson, Jennifer
Birth Name: Jennifer Dawson
Nickname: Jenny
Married Name: Jennifer Hinton
JD achieved an early reputation as a novelist of madness, in tune with 1960s ideas about the brilliant and eccentric visions of insanity being damped and persecuted by conformist social institutions. A friend observed that she writes with chilling insight about bleak places inhabited by bleak people;
Whitby, Joy. “In Memory of Jennifer Hinton (Dawson 1949)”. The Ship, Vol.
, pp. 54-5.
a critic called her the supreme chronicler of insanity.
Guttridge, Peter. “Obituary: Jennifer Dawson”. The Independent.
Besides her seven novels she published a volume of short stories and collaborated on a children's book.


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Intertextuality and Influence Iris Murdoch
It was influenced, said Murdoch's ex-student Jennifer Dawson , by the thinking of Simone Weil 's L'attente de Dieu.
Dawson, Jennifer. “Impressions of Iris Murdoch, Teacher, in 1951”. The Ship, Vol.
, pp. 52-3.
Occupation Iris Murdoch
The job of tutor, which made high demands in time and energy, brought her into face-to-face contact with a series of extremely able young women. She was unconventional and memorable as a teacher. Her students...
Textual Production Beatrice Harraden
Jennifer Dawson was later to remember the same verse when she titled her novel Fowler's Snare, 1962. A Tauchnitz edition of BH 's work published the same year is catalogued by some libraries in...


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