University of Leiden


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Education Henry Fielding
HF attended Eton , and four years after leaving school enrolled for a while at the University of Leiden . After the premature end of his career as a theatre manager he enrolled as a...
Education Oliver Goldsmith
After various local schools he attended Trinity College, Dublin , as a sizar: a poor student who financed his course by acting as a servant to other students. He was often in trouble with the...
Education Bernard Mandeville
He studied philosophy and medicine at the University of Leiden , earning the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1691.
Mandeville, Bernard. “Introduction”. The Fable of the Bees, edited by Phillip Harth, Penguin Classics, Penguin, pp. 7-50.
Textual Production Ann Fisher
A few of AF 's letters have survived and reached print. (Those to John Cunningham are among his published correspondence.) Some are being edited by Maria E. Rodriguez-Gil for a database of letters in progress...
Travel Elizabeth Burnet
In 1707 EB travelled in Europe with three stepchildren, one of her objects being to settle the eldest and youngest of her stepsons to spend a year at the University of Leyden . As well...


1575: The University of Leiden was founded as a...

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The University of Leiden was founded as a centre of Protestant learning (as were a number of new Oxford and Cambridge colleges at about this time, with the same religio-political agenda).


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