Henry James

Standard Name: James, Henry
HJ (who began publishing in 1871 and continued into the twentieth century) left his native USA to settle in England early in his writing career. Known for his extreme subtlety, verging at times on obscurity,
Drabble, Margaret, editor. The Oxford Companion to English Literature. Oxford University Press, 2000.
he was hugely influential as a novelist, short-story writer, and critic. His also wrote plays, which, however, were unsuccessful on stage.


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Birth Catherine Carswell
Catherine Macfarlane (later CC ) was born on top of a steep, grey, stony hill in and overlooking that seat of discipline—as Henry James has called it—the city of Glasgow.
Carswell, Catherine. Lying Awake: An Unfinished Autobiography and Other Posthumous Papers. Carswell, JohnEditor , Secker and Warburg, 1950.
Royle, Trevor. The Macmillan Companion to Scottish Literature. Macmillan Reference Books, 1983.
Birth Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Elizabeth Oxenbridge (later Lady Tyrwhit) was born at a manor called Brede Place (formerly Forde Place), at the village of Brede in East Sussex, into a family of five children (as well as an...
death Fanny Kemble
Her funeral was arranged for 20 January, and she was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery. Henry James published a forty-page essay by way of eulogy in Temple Bar.
Clinton, Catherine. Fanny Kemble’s Civil Wars. Simon and Schuster, 2000.
260, 261
Dedications Vernon Lee
VL dedicated to Henry Jamesfor good luck, [her] first attempt at a novel.
Colby, Vineta. Vernon Lee: A Literary Biography. University of Virginia Press, 2003.
The text has recently been re-issued by Valancourt Books .
Education Dorothy Bussy
Marie Souvestre was a free-thinking feminist, daughter of the French author and philosopher Emile Souvestre . Her school, Les Ruches, was widely admired for its academic rigour. It educated many outstanding women, including Beatrice Chamberlain
Education Virginia Woolf
Between 1 January and 30 June 1897, her reading included but was not limited to the following: Charlotte Brontë , Lady Barlow (a commentator on Charles Darwin ), Dinah Mulock Craik , George Eliot ,...
Education Lady Cynthia Asquith
It was perhaps her performance in Miss Jourdain's Greek lessons that caused her mother to send her to school. Apart from her slight taste of Cheltenham , Cynthia's only experience of a proper school. was...
Education Q. D. Leavis
Queenie also was known for her bookish habits: her tastes ran especially to Henry James , along with the journals the New Statesman, The Spectator, the Times Literary Supplement, and Time and...
Education Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
She read voraciously, preferring writers with the geographical rootedness which she herself lacked: George Eliot , Thomas Hardy , Charles Dickens , and from beyond the English tradition Marcel Proust , James Joyce , Henry James
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
He was immensely influential. As editor of the Cornhill Magazine from 1871 to 1882, he published Henry James , Thomas Hardy , Matthew Arnold , Robert Browning , and George Meredith , among others.
Rosenbaum, S. P. “An Educated Man’s Daughter: Leslie Stephen, Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group”. Virginia Woolf: New Critical Essays, edited by Patricia Clements and Isobel Grundy, Vision; Barnes and Noble, 1983, pp. 32 -56.
Family and Intimate relationships Radclyffe Hall
Violet Hunt acted as a literary mentor to RH , who met many writers at Hunt's literary salons, including Henry James .
Cline, Sally. Radclyffe Hall: A Woman Called John. John Murray, 1997.
Hall tried to initiate a sexual relationship with Hunt; but in the...
Family and Intimate relationships Rudyard Kipling
RK 's mother was unenthusiastic about the marriage; his father showed his approval of Caroline's general competence by calling her a good man spoiled by her gender.
Carrington, Charles. Rudyard Kipling. His Life and Work. Macmillan, 1955.
Novelist Henry James , a family friend...
Family and Intimate relationships Adelaide Procter
AP 's mother, born Anne Skepper , was a clever and observant woman, a frequent and influential hostess to the London literary elite. Frances Kemble considered her notable for her pungent epigrams and brilliant sallies...
Family and Intimate relationships Q. D. Leavis
The Roths were devastated by their daughter's decision to marry a gentile. They disowned her and ceased to give her any financial support. However, this period had its happy moments as well. Q. D. introduced...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Stevenson
She found motherhood a struggle. She tried to keep up her serious reading (James , Hardy , Proust ) while breast-feeding, and to serve an elegant candlelit supper each evening while the baby cried...


9 November 1857
The first issue appeared of the US magazineAtlantic Monthly. It set out to provide articles of an abstract and permanent value, while not ignoring the healthy appetite of the mind for entertainment in...
William Swan Sonnenschein and J. Archibald Allen formed a partnership in the publishing firm of Swan Sonnenschein and Allen , at 15 Paternoster Square, London.
Alfred Richard Orage and Holbrook Jackson acquired the weekly reviewNew Age (founded in 1894).
Kindley, Evan. “Ismism”. London Review of Books, No. 2, pp. 33 - 5.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Orage
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4-22 May 1914
Militant suffragettes slashed several paintings at the Royal Academy and the National Gallery , including Sargent 's portrait of Henry James .
From early summer 1915
Garsington Manor, near Oxford, the home of Lady Ottoline and Philip Morrell , became a centre for many pacifists, conscientious objectors, and non-pacifist critics of the war.
10 April 1925
US author F. Scott Fitzgerald published his novelThe Great Gatsby, which probes the consequences of success in the competitive pursuit of the great American dream. Zelda Fitzgerald came up with the title for...
By 20 September 1953
Saul Bellow published The Adventures of Augie March. Martin Amis , in later hailing this as the first American novel to show an immigrant as a rightful Discoverer, or a pioneer,
Borne Back Daily.
21 October 2008
15 April 2003
Iranian academic Azar Nafisi published Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, a remarkable work of social and political commentary intertwined with and expressed through literary criticism.