Cheltenham Ladies' College


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Education Jane Ellen Harrison
JEH spent two years at Cheltenham Ladies' College, a pioneering institution in the education of girls.
Robinson, Annabel. The Life and Work of Jane Ellen Harrison. Oxford University Press.
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Education Lady Cynthia Asquith
When she was fourteen, so that she could experience the atmosphere of a girls' school, Cynthia Charteris was sent once a week, on the advice of Arthur Balfour , to Cheltenham Ladies' College .
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton.
Education Lady Cynthia Asquith
It was perhaps her performance in Miss Jourdain's Greek lessons that caused her mother to send her to school. Apart from her slight taste of Cheltenham , Cynthia's only experience of a proper school. was...
Education Theodora Benson
She then went to day schools, after which, from the age of seventeen, she had a single year at Cheltenham Ladies' College . She found the place and the other girls quite extraordinary. She hated...
Education Margaret Kennedy
MK spent just over three years at Cheltenham as a boarder at Cheltenham Ladies' College , a nationally-renowned school for girls.
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann.
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“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Education Phyllis Bentley
After months of begging her family to send her there, PB left home to attend Cheltenham Ladies' College in Gloucestershire: another secondary school, with a particularly high academic reputation.
Bentley, Phyllis. "O Dreams, O Destinations". Gollancz.
Education Margaret Kennedy
During her last year at Cheltenham , MK heard W. B. Yeats lecture on the Irish poet and playwright J. M. Synge .
Biographer Violet Powell gives Synge's initialswrongly as J. B.
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann.
Education Catherine Carswell
CC was educated in Glasgow. She writes of attending, from six to about eight, Miss Watson's school, Glasgow's most expensive private day school for girls. There she experienced torturing piano lessons, having her fingers...
Education Viola Meynell
From then on she attended, as a day-girl, the Convent of Our Lady of Sion in Bayswater. Partly modelled on Cheltenham Ladies' College , the convent offered classes in Catholicism and scripture, history, geography...
Education Carola Oman
CO badly wanted to go to boarding-school, and Cheltenham Ladies' College was suggested, but her mother decided against it. Carola later felt that this had been a good thing, since the emphasis on sport (which...
Education Florence Farr
FF entered CheltenhamLadies' College as a day pupil.
Johnson, Josephine. Florence Farr: Bernard Shaw’s new woman. Colin Smythe.
Education Evelyn Glover
A reference to taking a French exam at Cheltenham suggests that she must later have been a pupil at Cheltenham Ladies' College .
Glover, Evelyn. Cats and My Camera. M. Joseph.
Education Maude Royden
MR had two years at Cheltenham Ladies' College , from which she won a place at Oxford .
Fletcher, Sheila. Maude Royden: A Life. Basil Blackwell.
“Agnes Maude Royden Biography”.
Royden, Maude. Sex and Common-Sense. G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
Education Beatrice Harraden
BH was educated at Dresden in Germany, then at Cheltenham Ladies' College (a secondary school), Queen's College , and Bedford College . She graduated from London University with a BA in Arts, having studied...
Employer U. A. Fanthorpe
UAF left her teaching position at Cheltenham Ladies' College to become a middle-aged drop-out, and to write.
Wainwright, Eddie. Taking Stock, A First Study of the Poetry of U.A. Fanthorpe. Peterloo Poets.


February 1854: A Governors' Report set out the intentions...

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February 1854

A Governors' Report set out the intentions for Cheltenham Ladies' College , now opening as an exclusive boarding school at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. For some years this school filled the function of a University...

1926: New statutes at Cambridge University first...

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New statutes at Cambridge University first permitted women to hold university (as opposed to merely college) teaching posts, to belong to university faculties and sit on faculty boards.


Sinclair, May. “A Custance of Today”. Cheltenham Ladies College Magazine, Cheltenham Ladies’ College.