Catherine Carswell

Standard Name: Carswell, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Roxburgh Macfarlane
Married Name: Catherine Roxburgh Jackson
Married Name: Catherine Roxburgh Carswell
CC is best known for her 1920 novel, Open the Door!, and her insightful critical biography of her close friend D. H. Lawrence . Her literary corpus consists of two novels, three biographies, and an unfinished autobiography, in addition to journalism and reviewing, co-editorship of several anthologies, and assistance with a historical study of the Abbey Theatre , Dublin. She also helped Susan Tweedsmuir prepare two books from the papers of her friend (and Tweedsmuir's husband) John Buchan .


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Family and Intimate relationships Robert Burns
RB 's mother, born Agnes Broun, was (according to Catherine Carswell ) quick and fiery, without spiritual or cultural pretensions, a singer of country songs, and a willing, faithful, awestruck woman.
Carswell, Catherine. The Life of Robert Burns. Chatto and Windus.
Descended from Covenanter...
Friends, Associates D. H. Lawrence
Several women writers were numbered among DHL 's friends and acquaintances: Amy Lowell , Katherine Mansfield , Anna Wickham , Lady Cynthia Asquith , Carrington , Brett , Catherine Carswell , and Lady Ottoline Morrell
Friends, Associates Katherine Mansfield
Other friends of KM 's included Sydney and Violet Schiff (met in April 1920), her cousin Sylvia Payne , Beatrice Hastings , and Anne Estelle Rice . She also, with D. H. Lawrence and Frieda...
Friends, Associates Willa Muir
Here they were neighbours of the writers Catherine and Donald Carswell , with whom they became friends.
Pilditch, Jan. Catherine Carswell. A Biography. John Donald.
Friends, Associates Dorothy Richardson
Throughout the late 1910s and 1920s, DR 's other friends and acquaintances included Violet Hunt , May Sinclair , Marianne Moore , C. A. Dawson-Scott , Catherine Carswell , and Sinclair Lewis .
Richardson, Dorothy. Windows on Modernism: Selected Letters of Dorothy Richardson. Editor Fromm, Gloria G., University of Georgia Press.
39, 107, 138, 141, 170, 284
Literary responses Charlotte Mew
T. E. Lawrence , on the other hand, reviewing one of CM 's volumes of poetry, pronounced: All the women who ever wrote original stuff could have been strangled at birth and the history of...
Literary responses Maria Riddell
Insofar as her memory has been bound up with that of Burns, MR has been pre-destined to a satellite role. The relationship, indeed, drew fire from a contemporary, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe , who wrote vituperatively...
Textual Production Susan Tweedsmuir
In July 1946 there appeared ST 's first edited volume of her late husband's work: The Clearing House, a Survey of One Man's Mind: A Selection from the Writings of John Buchan, with a...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elaine Feinstein
Feinstein follows Lawrence from his early aspiration to be a spokesman for women to his later mounting rage against women's desires to use their minds and express their individuality.
Feinstein, Elaine. Lawrence’s Women. HarperCollins.
Regarding it as impossible to...


About 1349-1351: Giovanni Boccaccio worked at his cycle of...

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About 1349-1351

Giovanni Boccaccio worked at his cycle of tales entitled (from the fact that the stories are told over the course of ten days) the Decameron. It was first translated into English in 1620.


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