Zelda Fitzgerald

Standard Name: Fitzgerald, Zelda


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Friends, Associates Natalie Clifford Barney
By the 1920s the salon attracted an impressive array of prominent writers, artists, and intellectuals, including Paul Valéry , Colette , Jean Cocteau , Gabriele D'Annunzio , Rabindranath Tagore , Ernest Hemingway , F. Scott
Publishing Antonia Fraser
She followed it with Love Letters: An Anthology, dedicated to Harold Pinter and published in later 1976.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.
Writing about this book in the Times on 6 November that year, AF noted that she...
Textual Features Helen Dunmore
Her allusions often require some decoding (in The marshalling yard it is women, not cows, who board the cattle trucks).
Dunmore, Helen. Short Days, Long Nights. Bloodaxe Books.
HD likes to rewrite traditional stories, including Bible stories: in Annunciation off East Street...


10 April 1925: US author F. Scott Fitzgerald published his...

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10 April 1925

US author F. Scott Fitzgerald published his novelThe Great Gatsby, which probes the consequences of success in the competitive pursuit of the great American dream. Zelda Fitzgerald came up with the title for...

12 April 1934: US novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald published...

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12 April 1934

US novelistF. Scott Fitzgerald published Tender is the Night (titled with words from Keats 's Ode to a Nightingale).
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12 April 2013

August 1970: Coinciding with the publication of Kate Millett's...

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August 1970

Coinciding with the publication of Kate Millett 's Sexual Politics and the Women's March for Equality, Nancy Milford published Zelda, which set a trend in biography towards investigating the lives of history's (and literary...


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