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Employer Margaret Atwood
Back in Toronto between periods of study, MA took a job in 1963 with a market research company, and then taught at the University of British Columbia , 1964-5.
Blain, Virginia, Patricia Clements, and Isobel Grundy, editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford, 1990.
After this she taught briefly at...
Material Conditions of Writing Margaret Atwood
While writer-in-residence at the English Department of the University of Alberta , MA contributed to the department's short-lived periodical called The Merry Devil of Edmonton, 1969-71. Other contributors included Bert Almon , Douglas Barbour
Occupation Olive Senior
She has taught creative writing at many universities in North America, the Caribbean, Australia, and Europe. She is currently (2015) a Faculty member at the Humber School for Writers at Humber College in Toronto...
Publishing Anna Maria Mackenzie
The first volume has a frontispiece (two women meeting a man in armour) and the title-page quotes some lines about the insecurity of a throne won through ambition. These are ascribed to Fielding 's Merope...
Publishing Eliza Kirkham Mathews
The Minerva Press edition of 1801, not listed in OCLC WorldCat or the British Library catalogue, survives in a few copies (one of which is in the University of Alberta library at Edmonton. An...
Publishing Charlotte Nooth
The copy at the University of Alberta has nine names added in manuscript to the end of a subscribers list which already includes Mary Matilda Betham , Lady Eleanor Butler , Harriet Bowdler and her...
Publishing Mary Cholmondeley
MC 's best-known and most controversial novel, Red Pottage, was published by Edward Arnold .
The University of Alberta copy of Red Pottage contains a brief inscription from MC to Rhoda Broughton .
Colby, Vineta. “’Devoted Amateur’: Mary Cholmondeley and Red Pottage”. Essays in Criticism, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 213-28.
Publishing Mary Cholmondeley
MC produced three more novels following Red Pottage: Moth and Rust (1902, reprinted 1977), Prisoners (Fast Bound in Misery and Iron), 1906, and Notwithstanding, 1913 (published in the United States as After...
Reception Frances Browne
Such texts as this were often used as rewards. The copy among the Special Collections holdings at the University of Alberta is a presentation copy, given by a Unitarian Sunday School in 1900.
Textual Production Margaret Atwood
The University of Alberta has an uncorrected proof copy which differs in some respects from the version then published.
University of Alberta Libraries On-line Catalogue.,
This initiated a series of story collections which MA has continued to produce alongside her better-known...
Textual Production Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
A Spy of Napoleon was filmed at Twickenham Film Studios by an English company: a great success, EBO considered.
Emmuska, Baroness Orczy,. Links in the Chain of Life. Hutchinson, 1947.
OCLC WorldCat lists five extant copies of the original London edition, which is absent from...
Textual Production Medora Gordon Byron
A play entitled Zameo, acted this year, was printed with Jane Briancourt 's account of its supposed author as Memoir of Medora Gordon Byron. As the facts are given, this cannot be the...
Textual Production Mrs F. C. Patrick
MFCP 's dedicatee, Mrs Johnstone , lived in Pulteney Street, Bath, and it was there that MFCP drafted her dedication (a tribute to Friendship
Patrick, Mrs F. C. The Jesuit. R. Cruttwell, 1799.
1: v
and a boast of having secured the approbation...
Textual Production May Cannan
The Poetry Society seems to have sold its copy, which is now in the library of the University of Alberta .
University of Alberta Libraries On-line Catalogue.,
Textual Production Clara Reeve
Attention has been drawn to this text, now very rare, by Gary Kelly . A copy survives at the University of Alberta .
Kelly, Gary. “Clara Reeve, Provincial Bluestocking: From the Old Whigs to the Modern Liberal State”. Reconsidering the Bluestockings, edited by Nicole Pohl and Betty Schellenberg, Huntington Library, 2003, pp. 105-25.
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