Edward Arnold


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Publishing Viola Meynell
The volume was published by Edward Arnold , Matthew Arnold's nephew, and sold so well that it was re-printed again by the end of the year. Harcourt Brace brought the book out in the United...
Publishing Mary Cholmondeley
MC decided not to serialise Red Pottage, as she had her earlier novels. She insisted that to be fairly judged, the story must be read as a whole.
Crisp, Jane. Mary Cholmondeley, 1859-1925. Department of English, University of Queensland.
This was her second novel...
Publishing Isabella Ormston Ford
She switched publishers, to Edward Arnold , for this second book.
Textual Production Mary Cholmondeley
MC 's best-known and most controversial novel, Red Pottage, was published by Edward Arnold .
The University of Alberta copy of Red Pottage contains a brief inscription from MC to Rhoda Broughton .
Colby, Vineta. “’Devoted Amateur’: Mary Cholmondeley and Red Pottage”. Essays in Criticism, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 213-28.
Textual Production Margaret Legge
Margaret Legge issued through a different publisher, Edward Arnold , The Wane of Uxenden, another novel.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.


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