Mary Matilda Betham

Standard Name: Betham, Mary Matilda
Birth Name: Mary Matilda Betham
Indexed Name: Matilda Betham
MMB , writing during the Romantic period, had a vocation as a poet which she took very seriously and which was recognised during her lifetime by positive reviews and the respect of more famous poets. Yet a large part of her output seems to be untraceable: she often published anonymously in magazines, or sent work to friends that never reached print. A strong interest in women's literary history informs her biographical dictionary of women (which provides rich coverage of writers) and her adaptations and fictionalisation of the twelfth-century poet Marie de France and her poetry.


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Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Betham-Edwards
The writer Mary Matilda Betham , MBE 's aunt and godmother, died when Matilda was only sixteen, but had already been writing her letters for some years. She was the chief reason for Matilda's assuming...
Fictionalization Marie de France
Mary Matilda Betham on the one hand invented a romantic parentage for MF and related her imaginary life story in a long poem, and on the other hand produced modernised summaries of her lais. A...
Friends, Associates Eliza Fenwick
Other more or less radical friends of EF included Thomas Holcroft , Anne Plumptre , Elizabeth Benger , Jane Porter , Henry Crabb Robinson , Charles and Mary Lamb , and their friend Sarah Stoddart
Friends, Associates Fanny Holcroft
She and her younger siblings were known to Charles and Mary Lamb , to their friend Thomas Manning , and to Mary Matilda Betham and her family.
Lamb, Charles, and Mary Lamb. The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb. Editor Marrs, Edwin J., Cornell University Press.
3:3, 116-18 and n4, 166-7, 207
Friends, Associates Margaret Holford
Foremost among the friends whom she evidently made through her writing was Joanna Baillie , with whom she opened a correspondence in 1813 which began with reciprocal compliments, and whose books she energetically publicised. Years...
Friends, Associates Mary Lamb
Friends were still being added to the Lambs' circle late in their lives, including literary friends like John Clare and Thomas Hood . Charles corresponded with Mary Shelley ; ML corresponded with Mary Matilda Betham
Intertextuality and Influence Ann Thicknesse
The Critical Review gave this book a long notice mostly consisting of quotation but calling the collection ingenious and pleasing.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
52 (November 1781): 356
Two excerpts from AT 's work were reprinted in magazines...
Intertextuality and Influence Matilda Betham-Edwards
Her late books about France included East of Paris, Sketches in the Gâtinais, Bourbonnais, and Champagne (with coloured illustrations based on paintings by H. E. Detmold ), 1902, Home Life in France...
Literary responses Mrs Ross
A Dr Kurby wrote to Mary Matilda Betham about this celebrated novel: a horrible picture of depravity and female artifices with a most extensive heinous melancholy ruin of a most happy innocent and deserving family...
Publishing Charlotte Nooth
The copy at the University of Alberta has nine names added in manuscript to the end of a subscribers list which already includes Mary Matilda Betham , Lady Eleanor Butler , Harriet Bowdler and her...
Reception Anne Bacon
AB 's reputation was known to women from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century who were alert to the historical achievements of their own sex: Bathsua Makin , Elizabeth Elstob , Mary Deverell
Textual Features Eleanor Tatlock
Among ET 's shorter poems, her forms include hymns, odes, fables (the magpie and the stork, the rose and the thorn), and blank verse. A poem on Richborough Castle near Sandwich has masses of historical...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Matilda Betham-Edwards
Her selection of subjects is interesting and original. Her six are the English scholar and translator Elizabeth Carter , the Hanoverian (English by adoption) astronomer Caroline Herschel , the Dutch explorer of Africa Alexandrine Tinné


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