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Publishing Harriet Martineau
HM had early in her career begun on a theologico-metaphysical novel but abandoned and burned it, believing it to be too dull to keep.
Martineau, Harriet, and Gaby Weiner. Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography. Virago.
1: 120
After having earned five pounds from the Shropshire publisher...
Publishing Harriet Martineau
Other early writings by HM included some poetry and also tracts for which she received a sovereign each from Houlston . In 1831 Harvey and Darton published her Five Years of Youth; or, Sense and...
Publishing Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS published The Lady of the Manor (designed to give Confirmation instruction to upper-class girls) in a series of seven volumes through Houlston at Wellington.
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Quarterly Review. J. Murray.
34 (1826): 611
Publishing Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS published Emancipation, through Houlston at Wellington: her topic is not slavery, but the Catholic Emancipation Act which received royal assent on 13 April this year.
Sherwood, Mary Martha. Emancipation. Houlston.
Textual Production Mary Martha Sherwood
Dudley Castle followed through Darton the year after this, and MMS continued to turn out at a great rate both adult novels and improving fiction for children. She published for the Religious Tract Society ...
Textual Production Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS contributed several titles to her Wellington publisher's undated collection Houlston 's Series of Tracts. The copy now at the University of Alberta was once owned by E. M. Forster , who pasted his bookplate into it.


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