Mary Martha Sherwood

Standard Name: Sherwood, Mary Martha
Birth Name: Mary Martha Butt
Married Name: Mary Martha Sherwood
Indexed Name: Mrs Sherwood
Pseudonym: A Young Lady
Pseudonym: The Author of The Traditions
MMSwrote and signed more than 350 books (mostly for children, but including several adult novels), and left almost a score of fat volumes of diary. Some of her children's books, despite their uncompromisingly hell-fire message, remained current for several generations and were vividly remembered by many impressionable children, some of whom grew up to be writers. Her former high repute as a children's writer is at least as well deserved for her autobiography and diary, and her biographer Naomi Royde-Smith seriously admired some of her novels.
Royde-Smith, Naomi, and Denis Dighton. The State of Mind of Mrs. Sherwood. Macmillan, 1946.
She also wrote poems. The British Library lacks many of her books; the holdings of Cambridge University Library and the Bodleian are better.
Head-and-shoulders print of Mary Martha Sherwood in profile by M. Maskall. She rests her head on a hand. Only her face and her frilled and ribboned cap are rendered in detail.
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FAR was visited in Paris in 1820 by her old schoolfellow Mary Martha Sherwood .
Darton, F. J. Harvey, editor. The Life and Times of Mrs. Sherwood. Wells Gardner, Darton, 1910.
By this date they had in common their intensely Evangelical belief.
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Catto, Susan J. Modest Ambition: The Influence of Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, and the Ideal of Female Diffidence on Sarah Fielding, Charlotte Lennox, and Frances Brooke. University of Oxford, 1998.
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By May 1619
The Calvinist Synod of Dort in Holland confirmed the doctrine of total human depravity, setting it at the head of their articles of doctrine.
About 1766
Printer and engraver John Spilsbury perfected the dissected map which became the forerunner of the jigsaw puzzle.