William Wycherley

Standard Name: Wycherley, William


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Anthologization Mary Jones
An Advertisement in the volume itself is uncharacteristically humble in tone for MJ . It disclaims ambition and says it was quite accidental, that her thoughts ever rambled into rhyme. It calls her writings the...
Intertextuality and Influence Hannah Cowley
HC borrows her plot from Wycherley 's The Country Wife, though considerably softening its harshness. (The ingenue Arabella is caught by her guardian uncle, Feelove, not her husband, apparently writing a love-letter; but she...
Intertextuality and Influence Eliza Haywood
True to her name, EH 's heroine snubs Mr Trueworth because she really can't be bothered with him. She is already sorry before (ignoring ominous nightmares) she marries the egregious Mr Munden. He not only...
Intertextuality and Influence Catharine Trotter
The negative influence of CT 's marriage on her career was very considerable. Years later, in a letter significantly addressed to the greatest writer of the age (that is Alexander Pope ), which it seems...
Literary responses Aphra Behn
The Tory content of this play (with that of The Roundheads) moved the Whig Thomas Shadwell to attack AB as a literary whore. At the same time the same charge was levelled against her...
Literary responses Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Dryden showed his copy of the poem to William Walsh and William Wycherley , and said all three writers agreed that Chudleigh's was the best of all the poems he had received in tribute to...
Reception Aphra Behn
The Rover brought AB to the notice of the Duke of York .
Todd, Janet. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers University Press.
Well received at first, and popular on stage for more than fifty years, it nevertheless showed less durability than the comedies...
Textual Features Judith Drake
Its boldness in argument—seeking to lift women to an Equallity [sic]
Drake, Judith. An Essay in Defence of the Female Sex. A. Roper, E. Wilkinson, and R. Clavel, http://U of A, Special Collections.
with men—may stem from its anonymity. It is also interesting as literary criticism, notably on Dryden , Wycherley , Congreve , and Locke
Textual Features Elizabeth Thomas
The author (perhaps ET, perhaps not) argues that before publishing the Dunciad Pope ought to have thought of his own vulnerability to satire: his looks, his past poverty, his inferior education from a Catholic...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Constantia Grierson
CG praises Barber for writing non-heroic poetry, for her useful motives, her power to move, and the purity of her work. (Writers she mentions with asterisks as having cause to regret the bad moral effect...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Alethea Lewis
She heads her novel with a prefatory letter to the Rev. William Johnstone , who, she says, has asked why she chooses to write fiction and not moral essays. She answers that novels offer opportunities...


Probably March 1671: William Wycherley's first comedy, Love in...

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Probably March 1671

William Wycherley 's first comedy, Love in a Wood, opened on stage; it was published the next year.

12 January 1675: William Wycherley's comedy The Country Wife...

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12 January 1675

William Wycherley 's comedyThe Country Wife probably had its first performance.

11 December 1676: William Wycherley's last play, The Plain...

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11 December 1676

William Wycherley 's last play, The Plain Dealer (a somewhat dark comedy), adapted from Molière 's Le Misanthrope, had its first appearance.


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