Giuseppe Marc'Antonio Baretti

Standard Name: Baretti, Giuseppe Marc'Antonio
Used Form: Giuseppi Baretti


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Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
During her childhood, ECK associated with a variety of celebrated people through her family connections. Her mother was a close friend of painter and writer Frances Reynolds (sister to the more famous painter Sir Joshua Reynolds
Friends, Associates Charlotte Lennox
CL won the enduring friendship of Samuel Johnson and Samuel Richardson . (With Johnson she quarrelled at least once, and he took pains to heal the breach.) She introduced Giuseppe Baretti to Johnson, and had...
Publishing Samuel Johnson
The work was translated into Spanish by Inés Joyes y Blake as El principe de Abisinia and published at Madrid by 25 May 1798, bound together with Blake's proto-feminist, Wollstonecraft -influenced tract, the Apologia de...
Reception Charlotte Lennox
CL kept copies of a number of verse tributes to her talents. She was one among the painter Richard Samuel 's The Nine Living Muses of Great Britain in 1778 (exhibited 1779).
Isles, Duncan. “The Lennox Collection (Concluded)”. Harvard Library Bulletin, Vol.
, No. 4, pp. 416-35.
Catto, Susan J. Modest Ambition: The Influence of Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, and the Ideal of Female Diffidence on Sarah Fielding, Charlotte Lennox, and Frances Brooke. University of Oxford.
Textual Production Mary Masters
Not included in her collection, though it is a form of letter, was a petition to Samuel Richardson , written and signed by MM and Anna Williams in 1753 (probably before August) for delivery by...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Beryl Bainbridge
Most of this novel's characters—Thrale, Johnson, the child Queeney, Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins (in response to whose proddings Queeney produces her retrospective part of the narrative), Giuseppe Baretti , James Boswell , Frances Burney —left their own...


April 1781: Giuseppi Baretti sought to make the Royal...

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April 1781

Giuseppi Baretti sought to make the Royal Academy exhibitions more accessible by publishing A Guide through the Academy.


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