Ann Fisher

Standard Name: Fisher, Ann
Indexed Name: Anne Fisher
Indexed Name: A. Fisher
Married Name: Ann Slack
Indexed Name: Ann Fisher Slack
AF was remarkable first for getting herself an education above the expectations of her class, and then for publishing (from her position within the later eighteenth-century provincial book trade) an English grammar and dictionary (both firsts for a woman), as well as a pedagogical anthology and works directed at children on English composition and spelling. Her works met with great success and wide circulation.


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Literary responses Jane Marcet
Scholar Christopher Mulvey considers that this is the only eighteenth- or early-nineteenth-century grammar held by Chawton House Library that might well (unlike works by Ann Fisher or Susanna Haswell Rowson ) be enjoyed by a...
Textual Production Tabitha Tenney
The full title is The New Pleasing Instructor: or, Young Lady's Guide to Virtue and Happiness. Consisting of essays, relations, descriptions, epistles, dialogues, and poetry. Carefully extracted from the best Modern Authors. Designed principally for...


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Fisher, Ann. A New Grammar. I. Thompson, 1750.
Fisher, Ann. An Accurate New Spelling Dictionary and Complete English Expositor. G. Robinson and J. Roberts, T. Slack, 1772.
Fisher, Ann. The New English Tutor; or, Modern Preceptor. J. Richardson and T. Slack, 1762.
Fisher, Ann, editor. The Pleasing Instructor; or, Entertaining Moralist. T. Slack, 1756.