William Congreve

Standard Name: Congreve, William


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Dedications Eliza Haywood
Spedding believes that the original numbers came out more regularly than has sometimes been assumed by commentators. Collected in volume form after two editions in these original numbers, The Female Spectator had nine editions or...
Education Mary Lamb
ML was sometimes taken to the theatre as a child, which she loved. The first play she ever saw was Congreve 's tragedy The Mourning Bride, with a Harlequin pantomime to follow. She once...
Friends, Associates Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Lady Mary claimed that at every stage of her life she picked a few intimate friends and cared little for the opinions of anyone else. She always retained the highest opinion of her father's and...
Friends, Associates Mary Pix
MP 's wide circle of friends included her fellow female playwrights Delarivier Manley , Catharine Trotter , and Susanna Centlivre , as well as the poet Sarah Fyge and actresses Elizabeth Barry and Susannah Verbruggen
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Tollet
His friendship with Sir Isaac Newton (a neighbour at the Tower) was shared by his daughter. There may also, possibly, have been personal acquaintance behind her praise of the poems of William Congreve and Alexander Pope
Friends, Associates Catharine Trotter
During her London years she was an ally of Damaris Masham , but quarrelled with Delarivier Manley . She found both a patron and a friend in Sarah, Lady Piers (who wrote poetry herself). She...
Health Mary Lamb
Another followed an upsetting review of Charles's Specimens in the Quarterly in February 1812, another on her completing her own On Needle-Work in December 1814-February 1815, and another, unusually, only six months later.
Burton, Sarah. A Double Life: A Biography of Charles and Mary Lamb. Viking.
265-6, 276-83
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Davys
MD makes skilful use of letters to project character, political issues, and gender interaction. Her use of significant dates (All Saints' Day, November the fifth) links her with the prophetic tradition of Lady Eleanor Douglas
Intertextuality and Influence Maria Edgeworth
The Double Disguise, set in an inn in England (the Pig and Castle, on the road from Ireland via Liverpool to London), features a travelling Irish family. The father (Richard Lovell Edgeworth 's...
Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Hofland
The title page quotes Congreve . The story of Charles Benfield's early life and courtship precedes his death, which leaves his widowed Maria to bring up five children, feeling abject and paralysed (characteristics which become...
Intertextuality and Influence Patricia Beer
This poem's subject is the love-affair of Semele with Jove. Semele wished to see Jove in his true, not assumed form; when he complied and appeared as godhead she was burned to death in his...
Intertextuality and Influence E. B. C. Jones
This is a story of the difficult or tormented love-affairs of sensitive young people trying to construct their new and modern world. (Intellectually, they seek to reach back past the nineteenth century towards the eighteenth...
Intertextuality and Influence Eavan Boland
It does include a fragment from verse play, Femininity and Freedom. It concludes with two poems about the peace process in Northern Ireland. The last, Irish Poetry, written for Michael Hartnett ...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Bury
Here she concludes by quoting, unascribed, eight lines of poetry by Congreve beginning When Lesbia first I saw, so heavenly Fair.
Bury, Elizabeth. An Account of the Life and Death of Mrs Elizabeth Bury. Editor Bury, Samuel, Printed by and for J. Penn and sold by J. Sprint.
Such a worldly quotation seems out of character. Most of the quotations in...
Intertextuality and Influence Catharine Trotter
She had been working on it for two years, and saw it as an attempt to reform the stage.
Clark, Constance. Three Augustan Women Playwrights. Peter Lang.
49, 61
Congreve sent her detailed suggestions for revision, which sought to improve not her literary...


January 1692-October 1694: Peter Anthony Motteux edited The Gentleman's...

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January 1692-October 1694

Peter Anthony Motteux edited The Gentleman's Diary; or, The Monthly Miscellany, which combined aspects of the almanac and the periodical, and aimed particularly at women readers.

30 April 1695: Thomas Betterton, Elizabeth Barry, and Anne...

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30 April 1695

Thomas Betterton , Elizabeth Barry , and Anne Bracegirdle gave the first performance of their breakaway Actors' Company , premiering Congreve 's Love for Love.

Probably 5 March 1700: William Congreve's last play, the comedy...

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Probably 5 March 1700

William Congreve 's last play, the comedy The Way of the World, opened at Lincoln's Inn Fields .

December 1704: Vanbrugh and Congreve were licensed to operate...

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December 1704

Vanbrugh and Congreve were licensed to operate a new theatre, the Haymarket , on the grounds that they would help reform and clean up the stage.

7 April 1709: On a benefit night for the septagenarian...

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7 April 1709

On a benefit night for the septagenarian actor Thomas Betterton , he acted a role he had created, the young hero of Congreve 's Love for Love; Elizabeth Barry and Anne Bracegirdle emerged from...


Congreve, William. “Chronology”. The Way of the World, edited by Kathleen M. Lynch, University of Nebraska Press, 1965, pp. 126-36.
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