Harriet Shaw Weaver

Standard Name: Weaver, Harriet Shaw
Birth Name: Harriet Shaw Weaver
Pseudonym: Josephine Wright
HSW wrote reviews and leaders for the influential little magazine The Egoist while she was its editor. She wrote historical surveys of philosophical concepts of time and space, but neither of these was ever published. She is best remembered for her herculean efforts to achieve publicaton for the writings of James Joyce .


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Cultural formation Dora Marsden
Harriet Shaw Weaver commented in 1961 (a year after Marsden's death and at the end of her own life) that the Holy Ghost was a female deity to whom [Dora] used to pray and who...
Dedications T. S. Eliot
TSE published Selected Essays 1917-1932, dedicated to Harriet Shaw Weaver .
Gallup, Donald Clifford. T.S. Eliot: A Bibliography. Harcourt, Brace.
Friends, Associates Dora Marsden
DM and Harriet Shaw Weaver first met formally; they quickly developed an affectionate and highly productive friendship.
Garner, Les. A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden, 1882-1960. Avebury.
Friends, Associates Bryher
Bryher read and was highly enthusiastic about Marianne Moore 's poetry, which H. D. had recommended to her. In 1921, following their meeting in the United States, Bryher arranged and paid for the publication...
Friends, Associates Dora Marsden
During the 1920s DM 's primary focus was her writing, which she continued mainly in isolation and under much mental and physical stress. However, she was assisted in this by Harriet Shaw Weaver and Sylvia Beach
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Harriet Shaw Weaver had approached the Hogarth Press about publishing Ulysses in April 1918, but the Woolfs declined, mainly because they could not have printed so massive a work themselves and because Leonard could find...
Friends, Associates Dora Marsden
During Marsden's years in hospital her periods of inactivity were interrupted by a burst of writing between 1958 and 1959, as well as by regular contact with family and some friends. Harriet Shaw Weaver paid...
Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
SJ moved in various creative circles as she began to write, review, and undertake other literary work. She first met Dora Marsden in 1913: Marsden was editor of the Egoist and Jameson wrote a number...
Literary responses Dora Marsden
The Philosophy of Time was the best received among all of DM 's monographs. Though Weaver lost forty pounds of her publishing investment, the pamphlet sold almost one hundred copies and received a summary notice...
Material Conditions of Writing James Joyce
Harriet Shaw Weaver began to subsidize JJ , anonymously at first. Her support for him continued until his death.
Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce. Oxford University Press.
413, 481
Occupation Sylvia Beach
Joyce was having trouble getting his latest work, Ulysses, published because of the public outcry against it and the obscenity laws that penalized both the printer and the publisher of material deemed obscene. Harriet Weaver
Occupation Sylvia Beach
Harassed by customers and friends for their copies, SB withdrew the window-copy until shipments arrived from the publisher in Dijon. She and her assistant mailed out the books to subscribers in the United States...
Occupation Ann Bridge
Since, however, writing seemed unlikely to yield her a livelihood, she went immediately to work as assistant secretary for the Charity Organization Society , Chelsea branch. This paid her twenty-three shillings a week, with hours...
Occupation Ezra Pound
Dora Marsden and Harriet Shaw Weaver took on EP as poetry editor for their journal The New Freewoman, whose first number came out on 19 June.
Nadel, Ira Bruce, editor. “Chronology; Introduction”. The Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound, Cambridge University Press, pp. xvii - xxxi; 1.
Occupation Bryher
With funds and additional production assistance, Bryher contributed to Weaver 's Egoist Press 's Poets' Translation Series. She also subsidized the publication of Hymen by H. D. , which, like Moore's collection, was released...


1911: The Royal College of Surgeons admitted its...

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December 1919: The last issue of The Egoist: An Individualist...

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December 1919

The last issue of The Egoist: An Individualist Review was published.


Marsden, Dora, and Harriet Shaw Weaver, editors. The Egoist. Robert Johnson.
Marsden, Dora, and Harriet Shaw Weaver, editors. The Egoist. Kraus.