Adolf Hitler

Standard Name: Hitler, Adolf


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Birth Buchi Emecheta
She was the elder of two children, born prematurely at seven months and not expected to live: a little bigger than the biggest rat you've ever seen, all head.
Emecheta, Buchi. Head Above Water. Heinemann.
She had a younger brother,...
Characters Annie S. Swan
This is both a religious and a political novel, which is not afraid to raise complex issues even if it does sometimes suggest simple answers. It is set almost in the present day, immediately before...
Cultural formation Gladys Henrietta Schütze
While working for the Daily HeraldGHS developed the habit of dropping into StMartin-in-the-Fields for the peace and quiet. Thus she met the Rev. Dick Sheppard , who was one influence towards her conversion to...
death Elizabeth von Arnim
She was cremated and buried first at Lincoln Fort Cemetery in Washington, DC. In 1947 she was re-interred beside her brother Sydney in St Margaret's Church in Tyler's Green, near Penn, in Buckinghamshire...
Education Phyllis Bottome
PB continued her studies in Alfred Adler 's Individual Psychology under the direction of Dr Leonard Seif in Munich, where she witnessed Hitler 's seizure of power.
Bottome, Phyllis. The Goal. Faber and Faber.
162-5, 207
Education Phyllis Bottome
Because PB was so interested in her French classes, her mother permitted Mellie to instruct her at their home. Despite their friendship, there was one matter on which Mellie and Phyllis could not agree—the Dreyfus
Family and Intimate relationships Nancy Mitford
Unity , the next sister after Diana, developed intense Nazi sympathies during a visit to Germany in 1933. She had a crush on Hitler , whom she stalked elaborately before she succeeded in meeting him...
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Murdoch
During her student days IM attracted innumerable admirers, women as well as men: at times it seemed that everyone was in love with her. They included the first of two men whom she loved deeply...
Family and Intimate relationships Hélène Cixous
HC 's mother, Eva Cixous (born Klein), a midwife, was born in Germany but left in 1933 for Oran after Hitler 's rise to power. Her family was Austro-German Jewish, and many members died in...
Family and Intimate relationships Virginia Woolf
It is much remarked that VW referred to Leonard as a penniless Jew. Was she anti-semitic? She married a Jew in an anti-semitic culture, and she wrote to him candidly before they were married...
Friends, Associates Phyllis Bottome
PB 's group of Indivdual Psychologists met at Café Heck, where they often ran into Hitler , a constant visitor at the café before he came to power. Bottome remembers him as a small...
Health Virginia Woolf
In March and April 1936 VW had a period of threatened breakdown. This was a time of overwork against the clock (not uncommon in her professional life), of the visible political threat of Hitler (who...
Intertextuality and Influence Natalie Clifford Barney
Barney's translator Anna Livia describes these memoirs as a combination of war commentary, political theory, and an account of daily life in Fascist Italy. Despite NCB 's insistence that she is apolitical, her loyalties clearly...
Literary responses Josephine Tey
The play garnered high praise from contemporary theatre critics, and was immensely popular with audiences, some of whom reputedly went to see it thirty or forty times.
Gielgud, Sir John. Early Stages. Falcon.
It brought its author fame and recognition...
Literary Setting Storm Jameson
In this narrative a fascist party in England has taken power by force, following a failed General Strike and with the help of an army of National Volunteers. Its leader, now prime minister, is called...


1883: Karl Pearson, closest disciple198n111 of...

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Karl Pearson , closest disciple
Heilmann, Ann. New Woman Strategies: Sarah Grand, Olive Schreiner, Mona Caird. Manchester University Press.
of Sir Francis Galton (who took over Galton's Eugenics Record Office in 1907), published a lecture, The Ethic of Freethought, which endorses the limitations imposed on women by childbearing.

December 1914: German anti-militarists including Rosa Luxemburg,...

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December 1914

German anti-militarists including Rosa Luxemburg , Clara Zetkin , and Karl Liebknecht founded the secret political organization called the Spartakusbund or Spartacus League.

Christmas 1914: German and Allied forces at the front lines...

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Christmas 1914

German and Allied forces at the front lines began an informal cease-fire, which lasted up to five days, in honour of the season.

February 1921: Car manufacturer Henry Ford published two...

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February 1921

Car manufacturer Henry Ford published two antisemitic essays in his company newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, about the supposed control exercised by Jews over the movie industry.

9 November 1923: A young activist, Adolf Hitler, led an attempt...

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9 November 1923

A young activist, Adolf Hitler , led an attempt to occupy the Bavarian War Ministry building in Munich; this incident became known as the Beer Hall Putsch.

1925: While serving a prison sentence at Landsberg...

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While serving a prison sentence at Landsberg Castle in Munich for his part in the Beer Hall Putsch, Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

1925: While serving a prison sentence at Landsberg...

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While serving a prison sentence at Landsberg Castle in Munich for his part in the Beer Hall Putsch, Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

1927: Josephine Ward published a fiction about...

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Josephine Ward published a fiction about the early twentieth-century Italian dictator: The Shadow of Mussolini.

11 February 1929: Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty, or Concordat...

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11 February 1929

Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty, or Concordat with the Pope : this gave sanction to the Fascist regime in Italy, and set up the independent microstate of Vatican City in Rome.

September 1930: The German National Socialist Party (the...

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September 1930

The GermanNational Socialist Party (the Nazis) made significant gains in elections for the Reichstag .

30 January 1933: Hitler became Chancellor of Germany....

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30 January 1933

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

27 February 1933: A fire at the parliament building or Reichstag...

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27 February 1933

A fire at the parliament building or Reichstag in Berlin was used by Hitler to incite fears of a Communist takeover.

20 March 1933: Hitler began using Dachau, his first concentration...

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20 March 1933

Hitler began using Dachau, his first concentration camp, to imprison Communists and other political opponents.

October 1933: Hitler took Germany out of the League of...

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October 1933

Hitler took Germany out of the League of Nations , contrary to the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles (signed on 28 June 1919).

29-30 June 1934: This was Hitler's Night of the Long Knives,...

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29-30 June 1934

This was Hitler'sNight of the Long Knives, during which about 100 rivals or enemies, the left-wing element within the Nazi Party , were killed. The sinister name came from a popular Nazi song.


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