Anne Carson

Standard Name: Carson, Anne
Married Name: Anne Giacomelli
Married Name: Anne Currie
Anne Carson is a Canadian writer best known for her work in poetry, translation, fiction, literary criticism, and on and across the boundaries between poetry and prose and between one genre and another. She is a celebrated essayist whose work has deep roots in her expert knowledge of Classics. She has published several award-winning books of poetry (the first in 1992) as well as a number of essay collections and translations. A reviewer has observed: Few poets satisfy so clearly Eliot's criterion for a major poet: each of Carson's works casts light on all the rest. The future should look at everything she has written.
Burt, Stephen. “Professor or Pinhead”. London Review of Books, Vol.
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Nevertheless, her continuing voluminousness
Wilkinson, Joshua Marie, editor. “Introduction”. Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre, University of Michigan Press, pp. 2-9.
is such that by no means all of her works are discussed here.


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