Raymond Mortimer

Standard Name: Mortimer, Raymond


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Friends, Associates Marie Belloc Lowndes
Her literary friends of a generation before her own included George Meredith , Rhoda Broughton , and Henry James . She participated in the friendship of the two last-named by being regularly at Broughton's house...
Friends, Associates Christopher St John
Audience members included Virginia and Leonard Woolf , Stephen Spender , William Plomer , Raymond Mortimer , Eddy Sackville-West , and Eardley Knollys .
Friends, Associates Dorothy Wellesley
In Rome during the First World War, DW became a friend of two scholars, Geoffrey Scott , and Gerald Tyrwhitt, later Lord Berners .
Wellesley, Dorothy. Far Have I Travelled. James Barrie.
In the years after the war she formed her important...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
By the time of the move to Tavistock Square, VW began to socialize more than she had in years. She circulated with Bloomsbury familiars and (re)acquainted herself with Rebecca West , Rose Macaulay ,...
Literary responses Elizabeth Bowen
Among those offering praise on the novel's first appearance was Raymond Mortimer .
Woolf, Virginia. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Editors Nicolson, Nigel and Joanne Trautmann, Hogarth Press.
6: 287
In 2014 James Meek wrote that the passage in which a train conveys Portia from stuffy, oppressive London to the...
Literary responses Christine Brooke-Rose
Though she had already published a novel, CBR said it was this book that first launched her on the literary scene, since it drew critical attention including a top article in the Sunday Times by...
Literary responses Ivy Compton-Burnett
Margaret Jourdain (herself the author of many books in print) told the antiquarian Joan Evans , Ivy has written a book and I expect it's very bad. We have decided I shan't read it and...
Literary responses Ivy Compton-Burnett
Printed praise came from Stevie Smith and Raymond Mortimer among others. Elizabeth Taylor noticed how the reviewers' imagery harped on weapons: rapiers, axes, stilettos, knives and grenades.
Spurling, Hilary. Secrets of a Woman’s Heart. Hodder and Stoughton.
Literary responses Sheila Kaye-Smith
G. B. Stern mentions that this book made an impression on the public comparable to that of SKS 's Sussex Gorse or Joanna Godden; its popularity stemmed largely from those who sympathised with its...
Literary responses Mary Renault
As soon as it was published, the book became a best-seller. Several weeks after publication, Twentieth-Century Fox bought the film rights for $75,000. Time and Newsweek published major articles in Britain on The King Must...
Literary responses Vita Sackville-West
Raymond Mortimer tempered his praise (in the Nation) by warning VSW against empty rhetoric.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin.
She herself found this novel was one she later wished to forget.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin.
Reception Ivy Compton-Burnett
During the early part of ICB 's career she was little regarded or understood. Raymond Mortimer was one of the first to perceive her quality, and she quickly began to attract the attention of younger...
Textual Production Hope Mirrlees
HM published a poetry volume, Moods and Tensions: Poems; she had privately printed the smaller Moods and Tensions: Seventeen Poems in 1965. Raymond Mortimer , a long-standing friend, wrote an introduction for the new book.
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Victoria, Queen, and Raymond Mortimer. Leaves from a Journal. Privately printed, 1888.