Bertolt Brecht

Standard Name: Brecht, Bertolt


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Intertextuality and Influence Anne Carson
AC 's contributions include rendering Fragment 286 by the Greek poet Ibykos in the manner successively of various more modern voices: John Donne , Samuel Beckett , Franz Kafka , an FBI report on Bertolt Brecht
Intertextuality and Influence Michelene Wandor
The work deals with theatre and sexual politics since 1968, with an emphasis on alternative theatre groups such as the Women's Theatre Group , Gay Sweatshop , and Monstrous Regiment . The original version considers...
Intertextuality and Influence Elaine Feinstein
Home in this collection opens, Where is that I wonder? It then evokes comfortable, elegant settings of both childhood and adult life, and also a place where the poet awakes from dreaming of her dead...
Intertextuality and Influence Elaine Feinstein
The range of allusion in these poems is extraordinarily wide although the tone is never pretentious. Gluttony is described as a ballad after the manner of Bert Brecht .
Feinstein, Elaine. Gold. Carcanet.
For the title piece—which speaks...
Intertextuality and Influence Bessie Head
The title in fact echoes that of her first novel, since in Setswana it means clouds, weather, or the elements. Eilenberg believes that roots of this story lie in BH 's erotic involvement, during her...
Intertextuality and Influence Hannah Arendt
Dark times is a phrase from Brecht . It is almost synonymous here with the twentieth century, though HA has a piece on Lessing , who lived two centuries earlier. She uses men to signify...
Intertextuality and Influence Claire Luckham
Intended for a working-class audience, the play was inspired in part by Brecht ; CL says she was particularly interested in his enthusiasm for boxing and the relationship between fighters and their audience.
Reinelt, Janelle. “Beyond Brecht: Britain’s New Feminist Drama”. Feminist Theatre and Theory, edited by Helene Keyssar, St Martin’s Press, pp. 25-48.
Leisure and Society Margaret Forster
MF also acted while at Oxford, taking the role of the peasant girl Grusha in a production of Brecht 's The Caucasian Chalk Circle that was directed and starred in by Dennis Potter . During...
Occupation Germaine Greer
During this period she added film to stage performance in it droppeth as the gentle rain, a surrealist work by Albie Thoms (who was later an avant-garde film-maker of some fame). Designed to be...
Occupation Maya Angelou
In Cairo the African-American journalist David Du Bois helped MA to get a job as assistant editor on a new English-language weekly called the Arab Observer (the only non-male, non-Arab, non-Muslim on its staff). In...
Performance of text Michelene Wandor
Since the early 1990s, MW has turned her attention to music. Her libretti and radio plays include works based on poems by John Cornford , John Milton , and Ariosto : Spain, first performed...
politics Hannah Arendt
After the Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933, Günther Stern fled to Paris (fearing the Gestapo would catch up with him as a contact of Bertolt Brecht ). HA remained in Berlin, and associated herself...
Reception Sarah Kane
A propos the Sheffield production of 2015, Alan Bennett commented on the difficulty of achieving realism with such extreme violence: how can a character mutilated on stage be shown as having attention for anything at...
Residence Sybille Bedford
Later, after the Reichstag fire in the spring of 1933, distinguished exiles from Nazi Germany, Jews and left-wingers who got out early, began to choose Sanary as their temporary home: Bertolt Brecht , Thomas Mann
Textual Features Adrienne Rich
This volume's title and epigraph are taken from The Great Gatsby. Like AR 's other works, Dark Fields of the Republic reflects a diverse group of artistic and social influences, which include the Bible...


10 May 1933: Following a speech from Joseph Goebbels,...

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10 May 1933

Following a speech from Joseph Goebbels , over 40,000 people participated in burning books to cleanse German literature and root out Jewish intellectualism.

21-25 June 1935: The First International Congress of Writers...

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21-25 June 1935

The First International Congress of Writers for the Defence of Culture (an anti-fascist event urging the responsibility of writers to their society) was held in Paris.

9 September 1943: Bertolt Brecht's Galileo, a powerful drama...

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9 September 1943

Bertolt Brecht 's Galileo, a powerful drama about the clash between state authorities and intellectual freedom, was first staged, in German, at Zurich in neutral Switzerland.

September 1947: The US House Committee for Un-American Activities...

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September 1947

The USHouse Committee for Un-American Activities (HUAC) began issuing subpoenas to leading figures in the entertainment industry, three years before the communist witch-hunting of Senator Joseph McCarthy made him a household name.


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