Marjorie Bowen

Standard Name: Bowen, Marjorie
Birth Name: Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell
Married Name: Gabrielle Margaret Vere Constanza
Married Name: Gabrielle Margaret Vere Long
Pseudonym: Marjorie Bowen
Pseudonym: Joseph Shearing
Pseudonym: George R. Preedy
Pseudonym: John Winch
Pseudonym: Robert Paye
Used Form: Bertha Winch
Used Form: Edgar Winch
Used Form: E. M. Winch
Used Form: Evelyn Winch
Used Form: Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Long
Used Form: Margaret Campbell
MB was an extraordinarily prolific popular writer, producing over 150 books during her life-long writing career, which ran to the mid twentieth century. Her generic repertoire was also large, and included children's books, biographies, short stories, critical studies, and novels dealing with romance, the supernatural, and history. In her autobiography, she describes herself thus: A woman who earned her living by writing fiction—with occasional essays in that kind of history deplored by historians.
Bowen, Marjorie. The Debate Continues. William Heinemann.


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Literary responses Mary Wollstonecraft
Virginia Woolf celebrated Wollstonecraft's immortality in 1929; Marjorie Bowen wrote of her critically in 1937 yet entitled her work This Shining Woman. The future anthropologist Ruth Benedict , with her own career yet to...
Publishing Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
This volume carried end-pages of publisher's advertisements for other novels including many by women: Ruby M. Ayres , Inez Bensusan , Marjorie Bowen , Richmal Crompton , Berta Ruck , and O. Douglas (sister of John Buchan).
Emmuska, Baroness Orczy,. Blue Eyes and Grey. Hodder and Stoughton.
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Textual Features Rebecca West
Between March 1915 and August 1917, West wrote reviews for the Daily News, under the editorship of A. G. Gardiner . She often reviewed books on the subject of women; these allowed her to...
Textual Production Lady Cynthia Asquith
Her ten anthologies edited during the 1920s (some of them under pseudonyms such as Leonard Gray) had some significance for the writing of that decade, since they incorporated contributions from, for instance, Marghanita Laski
Textual Production Graham Greene
GG began writing in his teens. He cited as an important formative influence his reading of Marjorie Bowen 's The Viper of Milan.
Greene, Graham, and Marjorie Bowen. “Introductory Note”. The Viper of Milan, Bodley Head, pp. 9-10.
Textual Production Dorothy L. Sayers
Between 1928 and 1934, DLS edited three volumes under the series title Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror. Her introductions to these collections offered a scholarly history of the genre of detective...


13 February 1692: A war party of the Macdonald clan was ambushed...

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13 February 1692

A war party of the Macdonald clan was ambushed and massacred in the Pass of Glencoe in Argyllshire by a force chiefly composed of Campbells.

17 August 1847: The duchesse de Praslin was murdered by her...

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17 August 1847

The duchesse de Praslin was murdered by her husband in their home in Paris. He attempted to conceal his guilt, then took poison and died during his trial.


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