Yann Martel

Standard Name: Martel, Yann


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Reception Jeanette Winterson
In 2007 Canadian novelist Yann Martel met JW and enlisted her support in his project of enlightening the mind of Stephen Harper , Prime Minister of Canada, by sending him a book every two...
Textual Features Wendy Cope
The title, and the verse-form that goes with it, derive from Kipling 's The Law of the Jungle—a deliberately ironic circumstance, since Kipling writes of the rules meticulously observed by wolves and other wild...


22 October 2002: The Booker Prize was awarded for the first...

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22 October 2002

The Booker Prize was awarded for the first time as the Man Booker Prize, its sponsorship having passed to the Man Group , a Canadian venture capital company.

16 April 2007: Novelist Yann Martel began a project of sending...

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16 April 2007

Novelist Yann Martel began a project of sending a book every two weeks to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper together with an admonitory letter; on a website he recorded the books sent and gave the...


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Martel, Yann. What is Stephen Harper reading?. http://www.whatisstephenharperreading.ca/.