Charlotte Brontë

Standard Name: Brontë, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Brontë
Married Name: Mrs Arthur Bell Nicholls
Pseudonym: Currer Bell
Used Form: Charlotte Bronte
CB 's five novels, with their passionate explorations of the dilemmas facing nineteenth-century middle-class English women, have made her perhaps the most loved, imitated, resisted, and hotly debated novelist of the Victorian period.
Etching of Charlotte Brontë after a portrait by George Richmond, 1850. She is seen from the waist up, seated, with one elbow resting on a table, that hand holding a small book and the other on her lap, holding a handkerchief. She wears a flat ribbon round her neck, and a dark dress, buttoned in front, with lace trim on the sleeves and bodice. Her dark, smooth hair is pulled back and tied with a dark ribbon.
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Intertextuality and Influence Julia Frankau
This tie broadens the social scope of the novel. Karl is Jewish but not an observant Jew. He wishes he could believe in Christianity for its redeeming message and wants to extend that choice to...
Intertextuality and Influence May Sinclair
MS 's The Three Sisters appeared: a psychological/psychoanalytical novel which, although the sisters in question are not the BrontësEmily BrontëAnne Brontë , seems to take its setting from that of their lives.
Boll, Theophilus E. M. Miss May Sinclair: Novelist: A Biographical and Critical Introduction. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1973.
108, 225-6
Intertextuality and Influence Edna O'Brien
EOB has named many women writers as important to her: she includes among these Jane Austen , Emily Dickinson , Elizabeth Bowen , Anna Akhmatova , Anita Brookner , and Margaret Atwood , adding: Every...
Intertextuality and Influence Margaret Drabble
Imagery of postpartum fluidity, particularly lactation, characterizes the lovers' growing passion and the descriptions of female sexual desire and orgasm. The narrative alternates between a schizoid third-person dialogue
Drabble, Margaret. The Waterfall. Penguin, 1971.
and first-person narration as Jane attempts...
Intertextuality and Influence Rhoda Broughton
Critics have pointed to a range of influences and allusions in this novel. Kate Flint has suggested that the representation of the sorrowful-eyed aesthete Francis Chaloner was a satiric jab at Oscar Wilde , who...
Intertextuality and Influence L. T. Meade
The year must be one of the most emotionally eventful in the history of school stories. Hester gets off on the wrong foot with devil-may-care Annie Forest. (Annie's mother, too, is dead, having committed her...
Leisure and Society Emily Brontë
During childhood and early adulthood the Brontë siblings produced elaborate fantasy worlds, which they acted out as plays, in part with toy figures. These worlds came to have individualized personae, geographies, and histories, which...
Leisure and Society Charlotte Guest
Lady CG enjoyed cultured activities like the theatre and the opera throughout her life. Reading Jane EyreCharlotte Brontë in December 1850 she thought it singular . . . written with force but coarseness, and not of...
Literary responses Marjorie Bowen
Although MB was commended for the accuracy of her historical settings in her crime novels, Mary Jean deMarr points out that she was also faulted for unbelievable reversals and obstrusive symbolism. However, deMarr finds her...
Literary responses Amelia B. Edwards
John Cordy Jeaffreson paid this novel the compliment of a three-column Athenæum review. He predicted eventual success as a novelist for its author, even though he found grave faults in her present production. ABE ...
Literary responses Annie Tinsley
The story was thought, however, to derive from other books, both from Harriet Beecher Stowe 's Uncle Tom's Cabin and from Charlotte Brontë 's Villette. In an Advertisement to her next, anonymous novel, AT
Literary responses Hesba Stretton
Calling the novel an offspring of a bold imagination, the Athenæum comments that it is written without labour or spurious ornament, and that certain scenes are very well described.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
2046 (1867): 44
Other reviewers compared...
Literary responses Hannah Lynch
Blackwood's Magazine introduced the serialization of this book with a half-promise of its being a clef: It is, we believe, the faithful narrative of an actual experience, the work of a powerful writer whose identity...
Literary responses George Sand
Charlotte Brontë , signing as C. Bell, expressed to G. H. Lewes both praise and criticism for GS : It is poetry, as I comprehend the word, which elevates that masculine George Sand, and...
Literary responses Lettice Cooper
Like Cooper's previous book, this too netted a flattering comparison to a nineteenth-century woman writer. Richard Church in John O'London's likened it to Charlotte Brontë 's Villette.
Cooper, Lettice. Fenny. Gollancz, 1968.
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The British Book News review...


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