Charlotte Grace O'Brien

Standard Name: O'Brien, Charlotte Grace
Birth Name: Charlotte Grace O'Brien
Indexed Name: Charlotte Grace O'Brien
Irish nationalist CGOB wrote poetry (through the later nineteenth century and into the twentieth, including many sonnets and a closet drama), a single novel about a Fenian uprising, and a number of essays, some published in periodicals and some left in manuscript, about Irish issues, particularly the terrible conditions under which people were emigrating to the USA.


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politics F. Mabel Robinson
FMR became deeply interested in political debates and struggles around the issue of home rule for Ireland, and went so far as to carry secret messages back and forth between England and Ireland. This...


July 1889: Women's Suffrage: A Reply appeared in the...

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July 1889

Women's Suffrage: A Reply appeared in the Fortnightly Review to counter Mary Augusta Ward 's Appeal Against Female Suffrage in the previous month's Nineteenth Century.


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