William Smith Williams

Standard Name: Williams, William Smith


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Friends, Associates Julia Kavanagh
Charlotte Brontë noted that while JK admired the work, she considered the Maniac Mrs Rochester to be shocking.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
Wise, Thomas J., editor. The Brontës. Porcupine Press.
II: 173
The two women shared a mutual acquaintance in William Smith Williams , a reader...
Friends, Associates Eliza Lynn Linton
People she met at the Laurences' house included Thornton Leigh Hunt (who, with his wife, lived at the Laurences'); Smith Williams , reader for Smith and Elder ; Robert Owen , socialist; Frank Stone ...
Literary responses Julia Kavanagh
On 22 November 1848, Charlotte Brontë wrote to William Smith Williams (a friend of both herself and the author), I have read Madeleine. It is a fine pearl in simple setting. Julia Kavanagh has...
Literary responses Julia Kavanagh
This novel was not as successful as JK 's earlier efforts. Charlotte Brontë confided to William Smith Williams , I have tried to read Daisy Burns; at the close of the 1st Vol. I...
Literary responses Julia Kavanagh
Charlotte Brontë told Williams that she read this work with gratification and found that Kavanagh's charity and (on the whole) her impartiality are very beautiful.
Wise, Thomas J., editor. The Brontës. Porcupine Press.
III: 326
Though pleased with the work as a whole...
Occupation Emily Brontë
Charlotte's account of EB 's response to her discovery of the Gondal poems, and the difficulty she had in persuading Emily to publish, suggests that Emily had no desire to become an author. Of the...


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