Katharine S. Macquoid

Standard Name: Macquoid, Katharine S.
Birth Name: Katharine Sarah Thomas
Indexed Name: Katharine Sarah Gadsden
Married Name: Katharine Sarah Macquoid
Indexed Name: Katherine S. Macquoid
Indexed Name: Mrs Macquoid
Indexed Name: K. S. M.
Indexed Name: K. S. Macquoid
Pseudonym: Gilbert Percy
Pseudonym: The Author of A Bad Beginning
Pseudonym: The Author of Hester Kirton
Katharine S. Macquoid 's prolific writing career (over sixty books, as well as contributions to periodicals) spanned the last four decades of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth. She was chiefly known for her novels or romances (many of them historical) and her travel writing: most notably on France, but also on Italy and Yorkshire. She collaborated with her husband (as illustrator) and later with her son Gilbert (as writer). Her reputation grew steadily until around 1890, charted by increasingly numerous editions in England and the USA, before falling off somewhat, although she was still publishing well into her eighties.
Faded black and white studio photograph of Katharine S. Macquoid by H. I. Mendelsohn of London. She is seen from the waist up against a backdrop of vegetation, turning with her face in profile. She wears a dark dress with a high collar closed with a brooch. Her smooth grey hair is pulled back and part covered by a black cap; she has a pearl stud in each ear. Her signature is written across the bottom of the picture.
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Leisure and Society May Crommelin
MC was a member of the Albemarle Club .
Who Was Who in Literature, 1906-1934. Gale Research, 1979.
vol. 1
She also belonged to the Society of Authors , and acted as a steward (along with over a hundred other luminaries including Walter Besant
Literary responses Julia Kavanagh
Nathalie was praised by JK 's fellow novelist Katharine S. Macquoid .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Charlotte Brontë , meanwhile, became an avowed admirer of the novel. On 21 January 1851 she wrote JK : Do not expect me...
Literary responses Julia Kavanagh
Critics have drawn different conclusions from the perceived connection between JK 's life and her works. Katharine S. Macquoid noted in 1897 that Kavanagh never obtrudes her personality on the reader, though she lifts him...
Occupation Constance Smedley
Since the Langham Place Group had provided a social space for women in 1860, several organizations had already challenged the flourishing institution of men's clubs. The Lyceum Club came on the scene at a time...
Publishing Matilda Betham-Edwards
Illustrations by Thomas R. Macquoid (husband of the writer Katharine S. Macquoid ) enclose the pages in bramble or trellis frames, within which plants and birds disport themselves.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1774 (1861): 545
Reception Julia Kavanagh
JK 's early biographer Katharine S. Macquoid believed that fresh and full of beauty as [her] novels are, . . . they cannot compare with the admirable short sketches of the quiet side of French...
Textual Production Annie Keary
AK 's final novel, A Doubting Heart, having been left not quite finished at her death, appeared in print the same year with a conclusion contributed by her friend Katharine S. Macquoid .
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