Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

Standard Name: Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer
Used Form: Winston Churchill
Used Form: Sir Winston Churchill


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Family and Intimate relationships Ann Bridge
At that time the Foreign Office, working in London, was distinct from the Diplomatic Service , working abroad. It was not until after the First World War that Owen O'Malley became a diplomat overseas. He...
Family and Intimate relationships Edith Lyttelton
EL had a close relationship with her son Oliver , who consulted with her on every aspect of life, every detail of [his] career
Oliver Lyttelton, first Viscount Chandos,. The Memoirs of Lord Chandos. Bodley Head.
after his father died. He went on to become a...
Family and Intimate relationships Una Troubridge
UT later said of her marriage: Almost before I knew it I was grown-up.
Ormrod, Richard. Una Troubridge: The Friend of Radclyffe Hall. Carroll and Graf.
Ernest Troubridge, who came from a distinguished naval family, was a friend of the Taylor family and a widower in...
Friends, Associates Flora Shaw
Joseph Chamberlain and Winston Churchill were among the many visitors who were received at Abinger by the Lugards.
Bell, E. Moberly. Flora Shaw. Constable.
Friends, Associates Mary Cholmondeley
According to Percy Lubbock , MC and her sisters entertained often and were charming and successful hostesses. Mary was nevertheless said to be a shy and modest woman who, while she found writing tedious, enjoyed...
Friends, Associates Katherine Cecil Thurston
Through these social engagements, KCT came into contact with several significant figures of the day. At a dinner given by Colonel George Harvey , for instance, she probably met Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill ...
Friends, Associates Alice Meynell
Following her early conquest of Tennyson , AM went on to develop a large circle of literary acquaintances. Callers on the Meynells at Palace Court included Irish writer Katharine Tynan , Aubrey Beardsley (while he...
Intertextuality and Influence Eleanor Rathbone
This work was an extension of a declaration released by the press on 31 January 1937. In that declaration, signatories including the Duchess of Atholl , Winston Churchill , David Lloyd George , Robert Cecil
Intertextuality and Influence John Galsworthy
The production directly affected government policy: Winston Churchill (then Home Secretary) saw the play, and in a conversation with JG agreed to apply the punishment of solitary confinement more sparingly, and for shorter periods.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Parker, Peter, editor. A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers. Oxford University Press.
Intertextuality and Influence Maya Angelou
On the glamorous idea of touring with a show in Europe, MA writes that her images of London came from Dickens and Winston Churchill , her images of Paris from Guy de Maupassant , and...
Literary responses Jan Struther
The head of the United States Office of War Information called for this movie to be immediately and widely released. Roosevelt , already an admirer of the book, joined in the rapturous reception of the...
Literary Setting Muriel Spark
It is set long ago in 1945, when all the nice people in England were poor, allowing for exceptions.
Spark, Muriel. The Girls of Slender Means. Macmillan.
It is a time, not quite peace and not quite war, between two armistice celebrations...
Occupation Barbara Cartland
She began her writing career as a gossip columnist for the Daily Express in 1923. She was soon noticed by her first employer, Lord Beaverbrook , and by his friends Winston Churchill , F. E. Smith
Occupation Barbara Cartland
BC shared her brothers' strong endorsement of Britain's active role in the Second World War (all three were acquaintanced with Winston Churchill ). She threw herself into war work. Welfare Officers were charged with everything...
Occupation Christopher St John
Living in London, CSJ became by 1899 secretary to Lady Randolph Churchill and her son Winston . She was at this point also beginning work on her first novel.
Holledge, Julie. Innocent Flowers: Women in the Edwardian Theatre. Virago.


30 November 1874: Winston Churchill, British statesman and...

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30 November 1874

Winston Churchill , British statesman and war leader, was born in Blenheim Palace at Woodstock, where his mother was attending a dance.

20 October 1909: Helen Alexander Archdale, a leading Scottish...

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20 October 1909

Helen Alexander Archdale , a leading Scottish WSPU member, with Adela Pankhurst and three others, went on hunger strike in prison after arrest for causing a disturbance in Dundee at a meeting featuring Winston Churchill .

18 November 1910: A Women's Social and Political Union deputation...

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18 November 1910

A Women's Social and Political Union deputation protesting against Government inaction on the Conciliation Bill was attacked by police at the House of Commons and 119 were arrested; the day became known as Black Friday.

25 April-19 December 1915: The Gallipoli Campaign was fought by Britain...

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25 April-19 December 1915

The Gallipoli Campaign was fought by Britain and its allies to secure the passage of ships through the Dardanelles; since Turkey had allied itself with Germany, the intention was to attack Constantinople.

February 1916: Painter C. R. W. Nevinson scored a great...

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February 1916

Painter C. R. W. Nevinson scored a great success with his first one-man show, at the Leicester Galleries in London, of paintings expressive of the dehumanised violence of modern warfare.

1919: The Liberator, a Black US journal, first...

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The Liberator, a Black US journal, first published If We Must Die, a poem of furious defiance by Claude McKay , an immigrant from Jamaica.

June 1920: The British Communist Party was founded—in...

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June 1920

The British Communist Party was founded—in a year when socialism was militant in Britain, and when Churchill sent tanks against Communists in Glasgow as well as in Poland.

Later 1922: Thirty-one women candidates sought office...

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Later 1922

Thirty-one women candidates sought office during the general election campaign, but none were elected to parliament except the sitting members Lady Astor and Margaret Wintringham .

1923: The first six volumes of Winston Churchill's...

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The first six volumes of Winston Churchill 's The World Crisis 1911-1918 were published.

6 November 1924: Winston Churchill, having been re-elected...

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6 November 1924

Winston Churchill , having been re-elected to parliament, and was appointed to the Cabinet as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

26 May 1926: The BBC for the first time broadcast speeches...

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26 May 1926

The BBC for the first time broadcast speeches from the House of Lords .

By October 1926: The BBC named Hilda Matheson as its first...

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By October 1926

The BBC named Hilda Matheson as its first Director of Talks, one of the most highly paid jobs for a woman in any organisation at that time,
Carney, Michael. Stoker. Published by the author.
as her biographer puts it.

25 April 1928: Winston Churchill, Chancellor of the Exchequer,...

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25 April 1928

Winston Churchill , Chancellor of the Exchequer, made the first budget speech to be broadcast on the BBC .

10 May 1940: Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain...

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10 May 1940

Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain as British Prime Minister, heading a Coalition government which was designed to submerge party differences in the joint effort to defeat Hitler.

19 May 1940: Winston Churchill made his first BBC radio...

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19 May 1940

Winston Churchill made his first BBC radio broadcast as wartime coalition Prime Minister.


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