Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Standard Name: Roosevelt, Franklin Delano


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Family and Intimate relationships Toni Morrison
Chloe's mother, born Ramah Willis , grew up on a farm in Greenville, Alabama; like her husband, she later moved north. She believed firmly in racial equality: her children were entitled to equal rights...
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
An indefatigable name-dropper, RF wrote that the greatest, and most sensible, man she had ever met was Kemal Atatürk ; she then bracketed with him Franklin Delano Roosevelt .
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell.
In Cairo she was always...
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
In FinlandRF met the national hero Marshal Mannerheim .
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell.
On her first visit to the USA she met Rebecca West , Ruth Draper , Anna Pavlova , and H. G. Wells ; on...
Health Richmal Crompton
RC became ill with poliomyelitis. This was before immunization had been developed, and not much was known about the condition. The disease left her without full use of her right leg.
Polio was a highly...
Intertextuality and Influence Jan Struther
The US edition of Mrs. Miniver became a roaring success long before the film was thought of. It was a Book-of-the-Month Club choice, and the publishers were eager to get JS to tour America to...
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
The Times Literary Supplement review diagnosed in this book a worship of success. The sketches, it pronounced, were of the lightest kind, admiring, gossippy, inexact—to be candid, somewhat hollow when they are not worse. It...
Literary responses Jan Struther
The head of the United States Office of War Information called for this movie to be immediately and widely released. Roosevelt , already an admirer of the book, joined in the rapturous reception of the...
Material Conditions of Writing Christina Stead
By chance House of All Nations (which has been called a mammoth study of the world of international finance)
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
appeared in 1931-2, a time of anxiety for bankers because of instability around the world...
Occupation Eudora Welty
Back home, EW worked a slew of part-time positions trying to begin a writing career and support herself financially: she resumed her script-writing position at WJDX; she worked for five months on her friend...
Occupation Tillie Olsen
Some of her jobs after leaving highschool were alienatingly bourgeois, like working in an antiquarian bookstore. Other casual paid work was less important in her life than her speaking on behalf of the Young Communist League
Occupation Jan Struther
The success of JS in the USA was confirmed when she stayed with President and Mrs Roosevelt at the White House.
Maxtone Graham, Ysenda. The Real Mrs Miniver. John Murray.
politics Helen Waddell
HW wrote that the fudging of national relations with Hitler at the Munich crisis poisoned me body and spirit.
Blackett, Monica. The Mark of the Maker: A Portrait of Helen Waddell. Constable.
After Poland fell to the Nazis (who took Warsaw on 27 September 1939), HW sent...
politics Jan Struther
Having moved gradually, while in England, into a left-wing position which was not that of her parents or her husband, JS was a keen Democrat in the USA, and an enthusiastic personal admirer of Roosevelt
Publishing Rebecca West
Time and Tide published The New Deal, RW 's series of four reports on American politics, and the historic intervention of F. D. Roosevelt which was announced on 2 July 1932.
Deakin, Motley F. Rebecca West. Twayne.
Hutchinson, G. Evelyn. A Preliminary List of the Writings of Rebecca West, 1912-1951. Yale University Library.
Textual Features Phyllis Bottome
In this novel, which is written in the form of a diary, PB reiterates her praise for Churchill . Her narrator asserts that Churchill is England! and also refers to Roosevelt as that man of...


17 March 1905: Eleanor Roosevelt married her distant cousin...

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17 March 1905

Eleanor Roosevelt married her distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt ; at the ceremony she was given away by her uncle Theodore Roosevelt , then President of the United States.

1932: US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer...

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US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer Prize for his epic poemConquistador, which traces the journey taken by Cortez through Mexico.

4 March 1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected US President...

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4 March 1932

Franklin D. Roosevelt , elected US President the previous November, delivered his inaugural address to a nation prostrated by the Depression.

2 July 1932: F. D. Roosevelt, in accepting the Democratic...

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2 July 1932

F. D. Roosevelt , in accepting the Democratic nomination for the US Presidency, announced a plan for a New Deal, a package of administrative measures to heal the wounds of the Great Depression.

27 November 1937: A musical called Pins and Needles opened...

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27 November 1937

A musical called Pins and Needles opened on Broadway which, uniquely, was mounted by a trade union, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union .

11 March 1941: American President F. D. Roosevelt signed...

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11 March 1941

American President F. D. Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease Bill which ensured a stable source of supplies (regardless of ability to pay) for countries whose defence was deemed by America to be necessary to US security.

14 August 1941: American President F. D. Roosevelt and British...

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14 August 1941

American President F. D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill published the Atlantic Charter, pledging preservation of world freedom.

27 October 1941: US President Roosevelt made a strongly pro-war...

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27 October 1941

US President Roosevelt made a strongly pro-war speech drawing attention to Nazi designs against South America (and therefore the USA), based partly on intelligence from BSC or British Security Coordination .

8 December 1941: US Representative Jeanette Rankin cast the...

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8 December 1941

US Representative Jeanette Rankin cast the sole dissenting vote in Congress against the American declaration of war on Japan following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

28 November-1 December 1943: At the Tehran Conference, the Big Three—Churchill,...

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28 November-1 December 1943

At the Tehran Conference, the Big ThreeChurchill , Roosevelt , and Stalin —met to discuss Allied strategy.

January 1944: US President Franklin D. Roosevelt resolved...

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January 1944

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt resolved to set up a War Refugee Board to rescue victims of enemy oppression in imminent danger of death.

4-11 February 1945: At the Yalta Conference, Stalin, Roosevelt,...

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4-11 February 1945

At the Yalta Conference, Stalin , Roosevelt , and Churchill decided on principles that would shape the world after the end of the Second World War.

12 April 1945: President Roosevelt died, and Vice-President...

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12 April 1945

President Roosevelt died, and Vice-President Harry S. Truman became President of the US.

May 1945: In what has become known as the Nuremberg...

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May 1945

In what has become known as the Nuremberg trials, leaders from the Allied countries (particularly the Big Four: Churchill , De Gaulle , Stalin , and Truman , who had succeeded to Roosevelt the...

July 1945: Vannevar Bush's article on information theory...

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July 1945

Vannevar Bush 's article on information theory entitled As We May Think was published in Atlantic Monthly.


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