Guy de Maupassant

Standard Name: Maupassant, Guy de


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Friends, Associates Henry James
In Paris his friend Ivan Turgenev introduced him to Maupassant , Zola , and Daudet , among others.
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Intertextuality and Influence Maya Angelou
On the glamorous idea of touring with a show in Europe, MA writes that her images of London came from Dickens and Winston Churchill , her images of Paris from Guy de Maupassant , and...
Intertextuality and Influence Ella D'Arcy
Before Harland accepted it, Irremediable had been rejected by Blackwood's on the grounds that marriage was a sacrament and could not be so summarily treated,
Clarke, John Stock. Ella D’Arcy.
and more generally from dislike of the bleak tone of...
Literary responses Ella D'Arcy
H. G. Wells reviewed Monochromes along with volumes of stories by Henry Harland and by Henry James . Dismissing Harland as a mediocrity and James for his style (which he likened to thorns, brambles, and...
Literary responses Julia Frankau
Marie Belloc Lowndes later wrote that Baccarat was thirty years ahead of its time, and had it been signed by Guy de Maupassant it would have become and remained famous.
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. The Merry Wives of Westminster. Macmillan.
Literary responses Violet Hunt
VH 's associate Rebecca West had strong praise for Their Lives. In a review in the Daily News on 7 March 1917, she called it a work of art. She found in it a...
Literary responses Alice Munro
The Selected Stories was hailed as an important literary event, and produced particularly interesting reviews from A. S. Byatt and John Updike . Byatt wrote that Munro was the equal of Chekhov or de Maupassant
Literary responses Ouida
Four years later, in March 1894, The Times pronounced, in connection with Two Offenders, that Ouida's prose style was now immeasurably superior to that of the distant or even recent past, and made her...
Reception Antonia White
AW won the Denyse Clairouin Prize for her translation of Guy de Maupassant 's Une Vie (as A Woman's Life).
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Dunn, Jane. Antonia White: A Life. Jonathan Cape.
Textual Features Julia O'Faolain
Adam is illegitimate, offspring of an Anglo-Irish landowner (albeit an impoverished one) and of one of the dispossessed. These inmates include a Catholic bishop who has tried to restore the monarchy and who now feigns...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
SJ translated into English two works by Guy de Maupassant : Yvette and Other Stories, and Mont-Oriol.
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.


31 March 1889: The Eiffel Tower in Paris (named for its...

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31 March 1889

The Eiffel Tower in Paris (named for its builder) was inaugurated. The foundations were laid two years before this, to protest by Paris writers and artists including Alexandre Dumas the younger and Guy de Maupassant .


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