Joseph Chamberlain

Standard Name: Chamberlain, Joseph


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Education Dorothy Bussy
Marie Souvestre was a free-thinking feminist, daughter of the French author and philosopher Emile Souvestre . Her school, Les Ruches, was widely admired for its academic rigour. It educated many outstanding women, including Beatrice Chamberlain
Family and Intimate relationships Beatrice Webb
Beatrice Potter (later BW ) met and became strongly attracted by radical leader (later Tory imperialist) Joseph Chamberlain .
Caine, Barbara. Destined to Be Wives: The Sisters of Beatrice Webb. Clarendon.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Friends, Associates Flora Shaw
Joseph Chamberlain and Winston Churchill were among the many visitors who were received at Abinger by the Lugards.
Bell, E. Moberly. Flora Shaw. Constable.
politics Mary Kingsley
MK threw herself into attempting to persuade the colonial secretary, Joseph Chamberlain , to discontinue the tax. A revolt ensued, which was soon suppressed by Britain, but not before several British officers, missionaries, and traders...
politics G. B. Stern
As a schoolgirl GBS had a brief spell of interest in politics, when she admired Joseph Chamberlain , wanted to get into parliament, and supported tariff reform. In 1933 she was actually sounded out about...
Textual Features F. Mabel Robinson
The subtitle defines the period covered as from earliest times to the close of the year 1885.
British Library Catalogue.
That is, the book takes in the rejection in April 1885 of Joseph Chamberlain 's moderate plan for...
Textual Production Flora Shaw
As the Jameson Raid unfolded in the Transvaal, FS stationed herself at the Colonial Office in London, where she diplomatically mediated communications between the colonial secretary, Joseph Chamberlain , and the dictatorial Rhodes, whose telegrams...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Lucille Iremonger
Her research uncovered the fact that fifteen out of twenty-four prime ministers from Wellington to Chamberlain were orphans or illegitimate—even though the 1921 census, soon after the steep rise in mortality brought by the first...


April 1885: Joseph Chamberlain proposed the extension...

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April 1885

Joseph Chamberlain proposed the extension of local government purview and power in Ireland; this was rejected by the Irish, who had become set on achieving Home Rule based on an Irish parliament.

29 December 1895-2 January 1896: The unsuccessful Jameson Raid, led by Leander...

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29 December 1895-2 January 1896

The unsuccessful Jameson Raid, led by Leander Starr Jameson and financed by Cecil Rhodes , tried to annex the Transvaal for British South Africa.

May 1903: Joseph Chamberlain launched a campaign for...

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May 1903

Joseph Chamberlain launched a campaign for the introduction of protective tariffs to ensure imperial preference.


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