Daphne Du Maurier

Standard Name: Du Maurier, Daphne
Birth Name: Daphne du Maurier
Nickname: Bing
Married Name: Daphne Browning
DDM , who published throughout the middle years of the twentieth century, was primarily a novelist, though she wrote non-fiction—biography, plays, and screenplays—as well. Her work was adapted into film and television by such esteemed people and organizations as Alfred Hitchcock and the BBC . Nevertheless critical opinion of her filmed work has not been high. Because two romance novels, Rebecca and Frenchman's Creek, were DDM 's best-loved and most-remembered works, she struggled, without success, to prove her literary worth outside that genre for the rest of her career. She is often thought of as writing primarily for women, though she frequently used the male voice, and evidently felt at home in it.


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Anthologization Naomi Alderman
NA 's story Car appeared (along with stories by fifteen others including Kate Clanchy and Daphne Du Maurier ) in Something Was There, edited by Kate Pullinger , a ghost-story anthology published by Virago .
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Education Pat Arrowsmith
She did not learn the facts of life until she was eleven or twelve. Before that she knew that kittens came out of cats, but not how they got there. Her self-education about sexuality was...
Education Malorie Blackman
MB was shaped by her reading outside school. She never entered a bookshop until she was fourteen, but relied on libraries. Early favourites were C. S. Lewis 's Narnia books, Johanna Spyri 's Heidi books...
Education Bryony Lavery
BL claims that at school she was taught Beginner's Reality, Intermediate Boundaries and Advanced Narrow Thinking.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
She also swott[ed] for Latin, English and History A-levels, while periodically bunking off to read Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier
Family and Intimate relationships Sir J. M. Barrie
Without children of his own, Barrie had a habit of monopolising the children of friends, for whom he invented elaborate games. Among children so situated were Bevil Quiller-Couch (who was later the fiancé of the...
Fictionalization Anna Leonowens
The story of AL 's life in Siam was romanticized in 1944 by Margaret Landon in Anna and the King of Siam. This in turn spawned the Rodgers and Hammerstein Tony-winning musical The King...
Friends, Associates Ethel Mannin
EM entertained frequently at Oak Cottage, the house she bought after separating from her first husband. Visitors included Paul Tanqueray , Louis Marlow , Ralph Straus , Norman Haire , Fenner Brockway , and...
Friends, Associates Phyllis Bottome
Her English literary friends included Stella Benson and Daphne Du Maurier .
Intertextuality and Influence Bryony Lavery
Her Aching Heart, with music by Juliet Hill , can be described either as parodying historical romance by taking the literary territory of, say, Georgette Heyer and making its love-interest lesbian—or as parodying the...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Taylor
Palladian presents a thick weave of literary allusions.
Beauman, Nicola. The Other Elizabeth Taylor. Persephone Books.
Leclercq, Florence. Elizabeth Taylor. Twayne.
As its title implies, this novel is set in a country house dating back to the eighteenth century. Just as the title suggests the English...
Intertextuality and Influence Monica Dickens
When, however, on the same occasion of their first meeting, MD told Charles Pick she had been working as a cook-general, he (and later his employer, Michael Joseph ) were eager for her to write...
Intertextuality and Influence Rose Tremain
Most of the stories concern love, and some make creative use of the lives or works of other authors, like Tolstoy and Daphne Du Maurier . In The Closing DoorRT created a character who...
Literary responses Jean Plaidy
Reviewers greeted this novel with praise, drawing parallels with Brontë 's Jane Eyre and Du Maurier 's Rebecca. Alex Stuart in John O' London's noted its utterly compulsive, drug-like, addictive quality.
Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert: "Queen of Romantic Suspense". http://members.tripod.com/jeanplaidy/index.htm.
Twenty years...
Literary responses Mary Stewart
This novel was welcomed by fellow novelists. In the TLS advertisement that heralded it, Daphne du Maurier called it a brave start and Patricia Wentwortha delightful work; cultured and charming, besides being very exciting...
Literary responses Irene Handl
Almost all responses to this novel quoted on the cover of its 1985 reprint use somewhere the word original. The Sioux was welcomed at its first appearance by Noel Coward and by Daphne du Maurier


31 January 1809: The House of Commons held a hearing on Mary...

National or international item

31 January 1809

The House of Commons held a hearing on Mary Anne Clarke 's alleged selling, for her own profit, of positions in the army.

January-July 1894: George du Maurier (grandfather of Daphne)...

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January-July 1894

George du Maurier (grandfather of Daphne ) serialized in Harper's Monthly Magazine his famous Trilby, a novel about the evil Jewish mesmerist, Svengali, and his young female victim.

15 June 2007: Tatiana de Rosnay, born in France in 1961...

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15 June 2007

Tatiana de Rosnay , born in France in 1961 to an English mother and Russian father, published her first and most famous English-language novelSarah's Key, which in 2015 had sold nine million copies around the world.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.


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