Ralph Straus

Standard Name: Straus, Ralph


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Friends, Associates Ethel Mannin
EM entertained frequently at Oak Cottage, the house she bought after separating from her first husband. Visitors included Paul Tanqueray , Louis Marlow , Ralph Straus , Norman Haire , Fenner Brockway , and...
Literary responses Rosamond Lehmann
Elizabeth Bowen published an appreciative review of this novel in The New Statesman and Nation on 11 July 1936.
LeStourgeon, Diana. Rosamond Lehmann. Twayne.
87, 148
Ralph Straus and Cecil Day Lewis were also lavish with their praise. Q. D. Leavis
Literary responses Ethel Mannin
The ILP 's New Leader called this novel far removed . . . from the mass conflicts of the age.
Croft, Andy. “Ethel Mannin: The Red Rose of Love and the Red Flower of Liberty”. Rediscovering Forgotten Radicals: British Women Writers 1889-1939, edited by Angela Ingram and Daphne Patai, University of North Carolina Press, pp. 205-25.
The party leader, James Maxton , suggested that EM ought to write instead the...


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