Michael Joseph

Standard Name: Joseph, Michael


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Family and Intimate relationships Hélène Gingold
A niece of HG , daughter of her brother James (another stockbroker), was Hermione Gingold , English comedienne and eccentric, who had a flamboyant career on stage and screen and was briefly married to publisher...
Friends, Associates Dorothy Whipple
Other speakers who came to stay were J. B. Priestley and St John Ervine , who at first talked like a river in spate and ignored his hostess. Later, however, he too, like Priestley, became...
Literary responses Penelope Mortimer
The Times judged this novel to be implausible, and its publisher, Michael Joseph , thought it too cynical and gloomy—yet precisely this black view of marriage made it a success with women in its...
Publishing Monica Dickens
When, however, on the same occasion of their first meeting, MD told Charles Pick she had been working as a cook-general, he (and later his employer, Michael Joseph ) were eager for her to write...
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
DW 's The Other Day, An Autobiography appeared. This book on her childhood years had been commissioned by Michael Joseph when he first spoke to her about becoming her publisher.
Whipple, Dorothy. Random Commentary. Michael Joseph.
72, 60
“Bowker’s Global Books in Print”. globalbooksinprint.com.
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
She had the idea for this book about a country house family, requiring detailed knowledge of cricket, while sitting in the hot sun shortly after her previous novel appeared. The new idea made her pulse...
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
She felt at first incapable of writing about herself as a child. I don't know how to write with simplicity and still get some guts into it. She tried to cry off her promise, but...
Textual Production Noel Streatfeild
Publisher Michael Joseph commissioned the book as a children's history for Coronation year. It was illustrated by Dorothea Braby .
Huse, Nancy. Noel Streatfeild. Twayne.
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5 September 1935: Michael Joseph Limited was registered under...

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5 September 1935

Michael Joseph Limited was registered under the directorship of Joseph , Norman Collins , and Victor Gollancz , who also provided space at his publishing house at 14 Henrietta Street, London.


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