Fenner Brockway

Standard Name: Brockway, Fenner


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Friends, Associates Ethel Mannin
EM entertained frequently at Oak Cottage, the house she bought after separating from her first husband. Visitors included Paul Tanqueray , Louis Marlow , Ralph Straus , Norman Haire , Fenner Brockway , and...
politics Eva Gore-Booth
Gore-Booth and Roper described themselves as extreme pacifists.
Lewis, Gifford. Eva Gore-Booth and Esther Roper: A Biography. Pandora Press.
Their work for the No-Conscription Fellowship (which was founded in early 1915 following a letter written by Fenner Brockway in November 1914) included travelling the...
Textual Production Katharine Bruce Glasier
At first she took over the editorship only temporarily from Fenner Brockway , but this became permanent when he was court-martialled and imprisoned at the end of 1916. On his release, Brockway had expected to...


November 1914: At Lilla Brockway's suggestion, her husband,...

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November 1914

At Lilla Brockway 's suggestion, her husband, Fenner Brockway , wrote a letter that he printed in the Labour Leader calling for all war-resisters to contact him; the No-Conscription Fellowship was established by early 1915.

1938: The No-Conscription League was formed by...

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The No-Conscription League was formed by former members of the No-Conscription Fellowship (founded by the efforts of Lilla and Fenner Brockway ) when the Peace Pledge Union refused to lobby against conscription.


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