Kate Clanchy

Standard Name: Clanchy, Kate
Birth Name: Katharine Sarah Clanchy
Self-constructed Name: Kate
KC is a contemporary prose-writer and poet who also reviews regularly. She has published a remarkable memoir about a woman who fled to Britain as an asylum-seeker from the Albanian mountains, as well as texts about teaching immigrant children through their composition of poetry.


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Anthologization Naomi Alderman
NA 's story Car appeared (along with stories by fifteen others including Kate Clanchy and Daphne Du Maurier ) in Something Was There, edited by Kate Pullinger , a ghost-story anthology published by Virago .
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.
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Anthologization Maggie Gee
Her recent chapters in books include Beyond Ending in Bill Bryson 's Seeing Further: The Story of Science and the Royal Society, 2010 (whose other contributors include Margaret Atwood and David Attenborough ), Living...
Intertextuality and Influence Alison Fell
The British Council website on contemporary authors sees AF 's poetry as an influence on that of Kathleen Jamie and perhaps Kate Clanchy .
British Council Film and Literature Department, in association with Book Trust. Contemporary Writers in the UK. http://www.contemporarywriters.com.
Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
CAD was deemed to be a top candidate to fill the position of Poet Laureate (left vacant by the death of Ted Hughes ). She was considered the popular choice, but the appointment went to...
Literary responses Helen Dunmore
Once again the chorus of appreciation was led by her fellow poets. Kate Clanchy called her a particularly lucid writer, and not simply because her poems are so often filled with the play of light...
Literary responses Anne Enright
Terry Eagleton reviewed this novel as an example of the way fiction has, since the modernist movement, shunned cheerfulness and embraced misery; he saw the marginally hopeful conclusion as a brave thing to have written...
Literary responses Helen Oyeyemi
In the Guardian, reviewer Kate Clanchy described the volume's title as tricksy; she praised HO as a rare talent, but also found it frustrating not to see it at full stretch in...
Occupation Jo Shapcott
JS began teaching English at Rolle College in Exmouth (one of the three main campuses of the University of Plymouth , which, however, is due to be relocated in a movement towards centralization). She then...
Publishing Sylvia Kantaris
It was re-issued by Menhir Press in 1986, to go with Time & Motion. The title poem was reprinted in The Guardian on 22 November 1999 together with fellow-poet Kate Clanchy 's article on...
Reception Willa Cather
English poet Kate Clanchy gave a copy of this book to the daughter of a refugee woman from Kosovo, feeling that it would be relevant to her experience.
Clanchy, Kate. What is She Doing Here?. Pan Macmillan Picador.
Textual Features Alice Munro
Most exotic and improbable of all is The Albanian Virgin (based on an actual experience, about 1900, of a librarian from Clinton, Ontario),
Thacker, Robert. Alice Munro. McClelland and Stewart.
which makes use of the ancient tradition, in a tribal society...


March 1999: A massacre at Drenice in Albania led NATO...

National or international item

March 1999

A massacre at Drenice in Albania led NATO to get involved in the Bosnian or Kosovan war, which had been going on for at least a year and had been prefigured in local ethnic violence...

Late October 2003: The magazine Mslexia invited UK publishers...

Women writers item

Late October 2003

The magazine Mslexia invited UK publishers to nominate women who had published their first poetry volume in the last ten years, in order to pick a Top Ten list.


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